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R6 redline - lies, damn lies I tell you!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by The Snow Dog, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. Heh, that's pretty funny.
  2. Yep, motorcycle manufacturers are getting tips from politicians :)
  3. Then why does my cbr250rr rev to 19k??? :?
  4. Can you get away with that sort of advertising? Aren't they bound by standards with, like, uh, penalties or something?

    That's a quantifiable claim, it's false and there's reason to suspect the company knew it was false before the ads went out.

    Still, looks like a top little bike, extra 1300rpm or not.
  5. ooooh a stuff up!!

    or worse :evil:
  6. Article writer is a yank.

    If it doesn't exist in the USA, it doesn't count.

    The CBR250RR's never were released in the USA.
  7. thats what i was thinking
  8. CBRs don't genuinly rev to 19000rpm, its something like 17200rpm anyway...Someone on the cbr250 forum worked it out.
  9. hmm that article is a bit harsh. I see no reason why engine management software would ever need to calculate accurate engine speed to run the bike. All it should need is a rough estimation of RPM for the look-up table.

    The last of an engineer's concern is that the tacho is 7% out :p
  10. I'd be interested to test that some time :)
  11. If you mean off the tacho....than thats whats out in the first place....
  12. Hmmm :? , well my mech, been in the industry quite some time, said that its damn close, and can go higher if the rev limiter is taken off....

    Pete the Pom care to put his input on this (if he has time)...
  13. It doesn't, but it sure does know how often to throw out sparks, which is directly proportional to the absolute rpm. This spark signal is what most bikes use for the tacho.

    I know that my Honda is out by 500 odd rpm, I suspect that many Honda's (if not all bikes) of that era with analogue tachos are similar. Don't zxr250's have a higher rev limit than the cbr's?
  14. '94 zxr displays a 19,000 redline RPM,
  15. jeez well i'll bet they still sing at 16,500 rpm damn!
  16. Well, it throws out a spark every time the engine gets to a certain position, which is not related to RPM.

    Ignition timing and fuel maps are though, accurate to about 100rpm I think.

    Let's say an R6 can rev from idle to red-line in about half a second. So from 1000 to 16000rpm in 500 milliseconds. Even to the nearest 500rpm, that would be 30 sampling periods at 16.7ms each. 16000rpm generates an average of 4.45 cycles per 16.7ms. But you can only have a whole number of samples i.e. either 4 or 5, which equates to anywhere bewteen 14371 and 17964 rpm.

    My point being, it isn't quite as easy as it sounds (although my example uses a fairly simple sampling method).
  17. False advertising or not; it doesn't mar its reputation as a screamer of a track bike oozing sex appeal.

    Yamaha for ever.
  18. imagine if they asked mr howard???
  19. haha 50,000rpm .. better then a turbine engine :)