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R6 + New Exhaust = Noise!

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Powers, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. Put this little bad boy on at work the other night. Lost a bit of low rev back pressure due to the removal of the butterfly in the the old pipe but it sounds/looks way better!
    its a Jardine GP1 exhaust you can get them on ebay for about 200-300 from the US

  2. looks trick, bet you can hear that from down the road
  3. Not bad looks pretty nice. need to get rid of that shitty cat/collector and get a proper set of extractors on there :)
  4. i got exactly the same, not much difference in noise on idle but a twist of the wrist there is a differrence, but to me, not much difference to the stock
  5. he's 21 and you ask why? lol

    good looking pipe btw.
  6. I am waiting for the following post;

    "I got pulled up by the cops, who were waiting for me in the next suburb, but I wasn't doing anything wrong, honest, I don't know why they pick on us sports-bike riders, mutter mutter mutter"

  7. so paul when the new can arrives for mine should i just say nothing or risk the wrath of the hornet..havnt gone for ear splitting levels though..
  8. mate, I'm just passing flippant opinions, honest; what other people do with their bikes is their own business, good luck to you. My exhaust stays stock because I'm not a huge modifier, and because I like to 'fly under the radar', so to speak.

    {That is, when it doesn't need a new battery, eh? :wink:}
  9. as i said above, i have the same setup, how can the cops compare that noise to a harleys noise is beyond me, r6 with jardine = sporty, harley with stock = deathening
  10. that's true, and when was the last time you saw a Harley beign pulled over, for any reason, let alone noise???
  11. Cops are scared of bikies not ricers :)
  12. How much did it set you back? Im thinking of getting one myself...
    Ive heard they're pretty simple to install?
  13. was under 300 from ebay
    only took about an hour the fiddly bit is removing the cables coming from the servo that controls the butterfly valve
  14. True, will keep a look out