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R6 lover just joined

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Ailaxx, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone, I'm Laura. Been a rider since 2009 but only just bought my very own bike recently. Keen to check out what some of the riding groups are all about and discover new tracks. In VIC now for 2 years so there's many routes yet unseen. Nice to be here ;)

  2. G'day there, welcome. More Mexicans here than in Mexico.
  3. Welcome to NR , Laura ! Plenty of great riding in Vic .
  4. Welcome Laura :)
  5. Hello and welcome Laura, check out the Ride and Event announcements for any upcoming rides/trips, still plenty of perfect riding weather on the way to be enjoyed.:)
  6. Welcome Laura. In Netrider tradition... Are you hot?
  7. Thanks all! Will keep an eye out for events and rides

    Net rider tradition seems to be if you own one, you're already in the category ;p
    But meh, hot or not - just wanna ride :)
  8. danny must be blind, or gay
  9. I'm surprised @Uncle Greg did not offer to show you a root you have not yet seen.

    PS. I know he doesnt need encouragement.
  10. Or on a phone with a small screen. I rarely turn the computer on now.