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R6 jumps into neutral?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by dje, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. My mates 2005 R6 jumps into neutral when its rolling in first and then hits the gas. Yeah, he's trying to pop the wheel up... but half the time it just jumps into neutral and revs out.

    Any idea why? Its still just under warranty... worth him taking it in?
    Ive told him he may not be kicking it into 1st properly but I cant think of anything else...


  2. Sounds like clutch slip a bit?
  3. It's hard to tell from here, but he may not be engaging the gear properly, or the detent spring may be weak. Take it back. That's what warranty is for.
  4. hey

    Thanks guys ill let him know! Appreciate the input.
  5. absolutely take it back. the r series are renown for their glass gearboxes so get it fixed under warranty. this "pop out" is the first sign of more serious trouble.

    Get it fixed, then get rid of it.
  6. Selector fork could be bent? Definitely get it checked out through warranty.
  7. Worn dog or detent spring, get it checked ASAP!

    I was under the impression that yamaha had fixed the R6 boxes several years ago, apparently not...
  8. I was gonna say you can munt your selector dogs with lots of wheelies, although this usually manifests in second gear after the poor things are loaded up with bags of throttle under clutchless back-wheel upshifts that don't quite make it.

    But if there's a known factory issue there it sounds like he can get it looked after under warranty. Good luck with that.
  9. Worn engagement dogs, bent selector fork or even wear and damage to the shift drum (far more likely in second than first for the drum though).

    Yeah the wheelies probably cause it, and using the method of backing off the power and whacking it back on is far more likely to kill a box in that way than a quick prod on the clutch.

    Having said all that, Yamaha know what people are gonna use them for, they sell them on an image that people will use them for that reason. As such, they've got little comeback of "you abused it" when it comes to a warranty claim in my view.

    I doubt your mate will have any problems getting it fixed anyway.
  10. well... we took the bike to yamaha today and all they said is 'gear boxes arent covered under warranty'. Which is a pain in the arse cuz his jobles at the moment so no chance of it getting fixed soon. Hope its not gonna get worse...

    Thanks for all the info though! :)
  11. Im sorry but that is total and utter bs. The whole vehicle is covered under warranty*.

    Would you accept that response on a new car? I dont think so.......

    Yes they can specify different warranty periods for different parts (eg 3 years body 5 year engine) but they can't exclude core components like gearboxes from coverage.

    Take it to another yamaha dealer, and if that doesnt work, call yamaha australia.

    Failing that get a copy of an old 2005 R6 brocure (im sure someone has one here or there's one on the web) and throw that in their faces.

    Or tell yamaha australia right now that they have a certified yamaha dealer who WILL NOT address warranty claims.

    If that doesnt work threaten to ring up "a current affair".....

    * edit - obviously excluding such things as consumables like tyres, chain brake pads, and crash damage, and your mate doing a burnout for 5 minutes in the shop (so they can PROVE abuse) until it blows up
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  13. +1

    If the dealer is not honouring a warranty then go straight to Yamaha Australia, that will get the ball rolling.

    An independant assessment by another machanic/dealer would be wise perhaps, and make sure all findings are documented.
  14. thanks

    Thanks again for the posts! Farrk some dealers/service centers are full of it.
    Glad you guys pointed us in the right direction. We emailed Yamaha and now just waiting for a reply. Will try another Yammy dealer very soon too.
    Thanks again!

  15. so how did you go with this?