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R6 (in Hawaii) Ride Impression

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. r6kailua.



    OK, I don't know the year - no useful info on Hawaiian rego labels - but no doubt there's enough info in the pics that some local Yami-spotter can identify it.

    First impression on getting on is that although the bike as a whole is smaller than the Bandit the seat is higher - at 5'8" I was balls-of-feet on both sides. Hands lower, feet much higher - definitely a jockey position that makes my bike feel like a cruiser. Not uncomfortable though, and definitely appropriate for the purpose.

    Not sure whether the shorty exhaust is a stocker, but it's fairly loud, and sounds kinda rough/tough. Goes well - but the main challenge of the whole day's ride was traffic and slow roads.

    Lots of 25, 30 and 35 mph, only one small area of 50, which meant that it was only when accelerating onto that from a side road or whatever that I ever got over about 6000 revs. Took it to 12 or so only a couple of times in the afternoon - which basically means this review is completely useless, because I wasn't able to use the bike for what it's *for*.

    (Mind you, I sat on a pretty steady 10 mph over the limit everywhere - and was passed as though I was standing still by everyone else on the road!)

    Going slow also meant it ran very hot - the temp readout was above 212 F (boiling point of unpressurised water) at some stages and rarely below about 180. And it also meant my wrists and hands did get sore pretty quickly and I ended up doing lots of the 'sit up and rest' thing.

    Of course, this is a rental bike, and although it was well maintained and pretty new you have to figure it gets a fair bit of this kind of treatment, some of it from riders with dodgy skills. I should definitely mention Big Kahuna bike rentals on Seaside near Ala Wai in Waikiki - very friendly, helpful and positive, 100 bucks for the R6 and helmet for 4 hours.

    The good news was heaps of go, heaps of brakes (had to get used to the abruptness after the Bandit's meaty but more gradual stoppers), and the telepathic steering everyone talks about on sportsbikes. Needed a few more revs to get off the line than the Bandit and I stalled it a couple of times. Got out to the Kamehameha Highway up the east coast, with lots of twisties right by the water, and that was a load of fun.

    Went to Hanauma Bay and checked it out - and wished I'd had time to go for a swim and a snorkle there. The island looks fantastic, the ocean, the jungle and the volcanic mountains, and I had just a stunning afternoon. I'd recommend getting the bike for longer and setting yourself up so you *can* hang out at Hanauma Bay, and also get further out of town and away from traffic if you have a chance...

    I did spend a fair bit of time lost, and would have had a better ride if I'd stuck to my original plan a bit closer, but still, highly recommended as a thing to do. But this ride ended up being not unlike my commute in terms of traffic and stop-go and so on... and for that, I would pick my bike in terms of low down grunt, comfort and riding position any day. If you commute on your bike, it's definitely possible to do so on an R6, but unless you do get a chance to make the most of it (and you really only will at a track day), you may want to look at something a bit less... committed for a day-to-day ride.
  2. You really are doin it tough eh mate.

    Nice review. Any more pics? The first one is a beauty.
  3. Yeah, there are a few more in the 'Doin' It Tough' thread in Off Topic.
  4. Nice, but you should've just fanged it - its a rental and you don't live there (i.e. can't lose points). :wink: :twisted: