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R6 forks on an '04 FZ6... :)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by ozfz6nguy, May 2, 2006.

  1. Due to the budget suspension and brake package on the Yamaha FZ6 I recently swapped out my front end (forks and calipers) with those from an '03 R6. Due to the weather and work I have not had a good chance to test them out as of yet. They look good and the trip into work this morning was much smoother. When the brake pads bed in I will really be able to see the difference in braking power. I can't wait to trial them out on some nice twisty bits :)

    When my braided lines get delivered I am planning on fitting them up with an '05 (or '06) R6 radial mount master cylinder (with remote reservoir). I am also getting a mount for the right-mirror. I am trying to come up with some ideas to secure the remote reservoir to the handle bars.

    Has anyone performed a mod like this and can give me some tips, hints and pointers?


  2. How hard was the suspension swap out??? I've been thinking of sourcing the USD forks off a ZX2R and trying to fit them to my ZZR250 and maybe the Dual brakes also!
  3. Hmmm interesting idea, so what sort of cost and how easy to swap the forks over?

    I'm thinking now that it could very well be the way to go for my FZ6
  4. The '03 R6 and '04 FZ6 both have conventional (ie. not USD) forks. So with a kit of aftermarket washers, wheel spacers and fender mounts the R6 forks and calipers bolted straight on. I got the kit from a guy in USA, it is a popular mod over there, he makes and sells them for USD$40. I purchased the forks and calipers etc from USA for about AUD$500 delivered (compared to AUD$1400+ to buy from wreckers here).

    I think it would be a lot more difficult to go from conventional forks (I assume the ZZR is not USD) to USD as you would need to get different triple clamps. Well worth looking into though.
  5. Yeah the ZZR is only conventional.It's just something i have been thinking about and having fully looked into the logistics of it yet. I want to do it both for the 'to be different' factor and just to have a good play around with modifications of a bike. It may turn out to be hideously expensive at which point i would decide against it, but i'll have to see what happens!!
  6. how much are the radial brake MCs?
  7. I am not sure if it is an '05 or '06 but it is an R6 radial mount master cylinder with reservoir and lever. I picked it up from Victorian Motorcycle Wreckers (Heidelberg West) for about $150. Well I traded some misc. bits for it, the value they gave me was about $150.