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R6 for sale -Funny ad

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by Riderman, Jul 13, 2010.


  2. Re: R6 for sale - LOL

    You do know there's a for sale section on this forum, right?

    And how did you lose your license so quick after getting it?
  3. Re: R6 for sale - LOL

    No no this isn't my bike, I was just browsing and saw this.
    Thought it was quite funny, losing license within 15km!
  4. Re: R6 for sale - LOL

    i think hes posting it cause its funny DC, took him 15km on the bike to lose his licence

    ///edit... like i said lol
  5. Re: R6 for sale - LOL

    Ok that makes more sense

    I guess it also explains the 'LOL' in the title.. my bad :roll:

    I'm curious to know why hes selling the gear too, why not just dump it in the shed for a while then get another bike.. or a track bike
  6. Re: R6 for sale - LOL

    1st gear 16000 rpm in a school zone? Although the kiddies are on school holidays at the moment so he might of saved 10km/h off the fine.

    Either way I take it the OP isnt from the school of "breaking in" his new ride according to the service manual.
  7. hes an absolute moron though, i can go to the shop and ride away with a brand new 1 for $14,490, end of the day, regardless what hes put on it, its 2nd hand
  8. Re: R6 for sale - LOL

    "But Officer, I was only following the Motoman break-in procedure..."
  9. Re: R6 for sale - LOL

    Pssst... it's NOT the OP's bike...
  10. Re: R6 for sale - LOL

    I stand corrected.
  11. smart move to sell it tho. stuff the resale value big time even if its been sitting over a year.

    realistically, someone would probably buy it for 13.5-14k but not much more seeing as its now second hand.
  12. Re: R6 for sale - LOL

    Pretty big school of thought that to get ultimate performace in the long run is to not follow those guidelines.

    15km is lol, I doubt he'd have even gotted home from the dealership
  13. Hahaha man oh man! Poor guy. Hope he lost his license in the car rather than the bike, cause doing so in 15 k's on the bike would be so painful!

    I think it's also hilarious how everyone thought it was the OP's ad... even though the title says "funny ad"... :rofl: oh man oh man...
  14. I reckon he pulled a wheelie at some lights and probably doesn't have the licence for the bike. I am really surprised that it's not an R1
  15. Me thinks there is a female at play behind all this...

    He walks in door;

    Her: "Did you buy that fukn bike I told you not to?"
    Him: "errr, yeah."
    Her: "Humph, stupid death machine, you shouldn't have wasted all your money on that thing, you'll loose your license or kill yourself."
    Him: "yeah about that..........."

  16. Probably did 160km/h on the back wheel, in first gear, past a doughnut shop.
  17. Couldn't have been speeding, because if he was he surely would have crashed and kill himself and at least 3 children, 2 adults and a ferret.
  18. Statistics show your more likely to kill a cute duck.

    Hilarious, though I'm sure this guy wasn't the first to have this happen, and likely won't be the last.
  19. Bet he was christning it on an open straight and got done for 45 and over.

    Bad luck, I like to let a bike bounce off the rev limiter after the first hundred, but at 15? Hell his tyres would still have mould on them.
  20. Your post is realistic and therefore has no business here.