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r6 engine life?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by pinger, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. looking to buy an r6 soon. some on the market have higher km's than others and there is a substantial difference in price.
    should i steer clear of an r6 that has over 40000 kms on the clock even if it has been well maintained. what is the average life of the engine internals on a r6???
    what else are common problems on 00-01 model r6's that are high in km's?

  2. If the engine has been well maitained, it'll probably be good for more than 100,000 km's. Other parts (i.e. head and wheel bearings) will need to be replaced long before the engine, so look at those.

    A well maintained bike with high milage will be a much better buy than a low miler that hasn't been well maintained.

    If it's been raced then engine life will be significantly reduced, depending on when it was last rebuilt.

    2nd gear on the gear boxes has been know to fail on these models if abused harshly. To test it, stick it in 2nd at lowish revs and give it all to redline. Walk away if it jump out of gear.

    These bikes are fairly faultless, do all the usual checks and make sure to check closely for any signs if it being raced. It's a reality that many race/track bikes often get sold clothed in mint road gear.
  3. just remember that if you're planning on selling it in a year or two it'll be hard to get rid of. km's scare people regardless of if there is a reason to be scared or not.
  4. nah, any bike with more than 20k kms is wornout and is just a ticking bomb waiting to explode and cause you much grief - that's why they bring out new models every year - cos the old ones are ready to break.
  5. same reason for why they make tyres wear out, once they're bald you know the bikes used bike date has been reached :grin:
  6. same reason they only put 20 litre fuel tanks on bikes. After 200 odd kays you might as well just buy a new bike.
  7. Make sure you get a great price if you're buying an older bike. They're harder to sell, both for the bloke that's selling it to you, and for you when you go to get rid of it later.
  8. fair enough guys....
    dont want any headaches so ill just have to keep searching.
    there isnt too many on the market advertised for less than 8k.
    interesting to see how much they actually sell for???
  9. www.redbook.com.au
    Always used it to get a ballpark figure for what I'm after - note if you find a real pearler I wouldn't be fussed paying a few extra hundred to save a few thousand down the track