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R6 Clicking Noise Under Acceleration

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by alexjkoro, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. i have an 08 r6 and while its been plenty of fun i have strange noises which started happening not long ago. if the bike is not in gear there are no noises. i was really hoping that the change of oil and filter would fix it but hasnt made a difference.

    anyway, once warmed up the bike makes a noise which sounds a lot like a car with lack of oil, but only when accelerating. not super loud, but definitely destinguishable. it makes the noise in any gear, at about half throttle, and gets louder and more of when the bike is hot i.e. 90 degrees and above.

    is anyone able to shed any light on it?


  2. You've been speeding.

    Kittens have been dying, and they're getting tangled in the chain.
  3. But seriously, is the noise only when you are accelerating gently, not on overrun or hard acceleration?
  4. plenty of kittens die when i ride... but thats besides the point :p

    when accelerating gently the noise isnt there, only fairly hard acceleration
  5. Ok, so its not a big end knock.

    Starting with the obvious, how is your chain tension?
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  6. thats a good question.. althought, not much in terms of movement, inch at the most. just cleaned it and relubed it a week ago as well
  7. I reckon @the mole is referring to the cam chain tension.
  8. As it changes with power setting it probably isn't cam chain. 1 inch of slack is enough but not too much, that should be at the tightest point. That means usually with someone on the bike to compress the suspension, and also check that the tension is even over a few turns of the wheel. How old is the chain?
  9. i would doubt the chain has been changed from the original. the bike has 13,500k's on it. ill see if i can move the bike back and forth and if the chain tension changes
  10. just had a play around with the chain, not really sure what im looking for but the chain has around about the same amount of play in it all the way around. i was testing it from the bottom though if it makes a difference. id say all around it has between 2cm to 2.5cm movement.
  11. Looks like its in good condition then, there goes that theory. Any update on the clicking noise?
  12. How about an exhaust leak on one cylinder, got that in my XJ900 and I cant fix it, new extractors and one of them just doesnt seal properly. Hoping exhaust shit will eventually plug the tiny gap there must be somewhere.
  13. So i have a couple of bits and pieces getting delivered which will require me to dyno tune the bike. Planning to take it to Dyno bike in moorabbin when everything is here, hoping they may shed some light on the noise. I'll leave it as is until then
  14. Any recent changes to fuel (octane rating, ethanol blend etc)?