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r6 burning at broadford 17/2/08

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by 88gpx, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. the short video clip of an 07 r6 going up
    place youtupe in front

  2. Wow, awesome! At least the rider is ok, that crash was exactly what Netrider 'Justin' did on his ZXR250 a few months ago, cept his bike didn't burn.

    Saw a GPX750 Kawa burn to the ground like that a number of years ago, it left a huge crater in the back straight at Broadford.

    Like I always said "you gotta be prepared to just lose the lot in racing"
  3. Yikes. Seen a few people high side at that corner. It must be the place to do it!!.

    But damn. thats dramatic
  4. fark ,that was full on. check out the rider's helmet on fire as he begins to get up :shock:

    and that thing didnt wanna go out! woulda thought the CO2 extinguishers woulda had more effect than jsut get more air moving into the fire and pumping it up :?
  5. Ouch! Bad result for a rather minor accident on the track. Odd place to have the back end loose it I would have thought.
  6. IF that was a full on ride day organised by a commercial outfit how come there was no marshall stationed at that corner.

    Bummer about the bike, condolenses, also the hole in the bitumen the fire made. On the race line, that'll take some fixing as well.
  7. It was a Champions Ride day, and there is a marshall on the corner to the right of screen just out of shot.

    The R6 put up a bloody good fight :twisted:
  8. :shock: Damn, there was no stopping that bike from burning to a crisp.
    Thankfully that was the only real casualty
  9. Nah.

    That looked to be a fuel fire and once it took hold it was always going to be an up hill battle to put it out. About the only thing that might've helped was to use a couple of foam extinguishers on it and drown the fire.

    CO2 would've made it worse in my opinion**

    That sized fire pretty much needs two extinguishers attacking it at once to get it out.

    ** I'm a CAMS recognised Fire Marshal as well as a Flag Marshal and a few other things as well.
  10. Agreed, with a fuel fire like that, foam would have been the best option.
  11. Why so many high sides on that corner?
    Hmmm, in the vid, you can see the banking on that corner flattens out early.

    You need to read the road.

    Glad the rider came out ok though.
  12. Also an example of why you should only have enough fuel for the session or race you are running in in the tank.

    Less fuel = less weight but more importantly = smaller fire.

    Bit hard to do in reality as not all tracks have on site fuel sales and the price they charge per litre would fix the debt of a few African countries.
  13. I really should have fixed my dodgy fuel cap by now. I've had plenty of crashes like that, sans fireball.
  14. Good point. the bike had atleast 15litres in it (full tank almost) before he started the day..
  15. Phillip Island Ride days charge $20 for 10lt, hell that's almost normal price now! :LOL:
  16. the problem with carrying less fuel is that there is more vapours in the tank which is just as bad
  17. Yes, as we all know (or should know) it's not the petrol which catches fire but the petrol/air mixture floating above it that does the burning.

    I'd much rather be trying to put out a fire with 3 or 4 litres of fuel than one with 15-20 litres or worse a fully fuelled V8Supercar with 120 litres :shock: on board.

    So far I've been lucky in that I've only had fuel fires in training BUT I've had at least 15 real oil or electrical fires in the 20+ years I've been frequenting race tracks as a volunteer marshal (reminds me to find the tape of a Formula Holden fire I put out at PI back in 1994 which actually made it onto TV, with Daryl Eastlake commentating at the "threshold of pain", and post it on YouTube) .
  18. yep its bit the dust lol of well what can i do lol
  19. Well mate I reckon you can get 500 bucks back just by sending that tape in to the funniest home video show!
  20. Is the corner before crash corner and then he comes off going through the chicane?

    If that was me just having bought an 07 R6 I would be crying. :(

    I feel really bad for the guy who owns it. What a horrible thing to happen.