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R6, 2001 vs 2005?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by fizmotech, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. Ok Im down to two choices

    2001 R6 20000kms $6000

    2005 R6 45000kms $6800

    Both is pretty good nick and nothing to spend.

    Which should I go for?

    The 2005 one is the aesthetics i want (colour etc). but the 45000kms concerns me. Would it still be worth $6k if I put 5000kms on it in the next 6 months?
  2. No contest i'd go the 2005. Use the kms as bargaining power.

    45,000km is nothing on a litre bike, you could put over 100,000km on it before any engine refresh was needed so with your 10,000km pa you would easily have 6yrs+ of easy maintenance.

    Once a bike gets over 50,000km i generally see the prices plummet but for $6.8k it's incredibly cheap.

    Buy it, after a few years if you want something else keep it as a track bike
  3. Buy the 2005 for reasons above and while your at it get the 2001 for me
  4. its a 600 guys, me not have gonads for an r1 (or the money)

    2005 is much more the model i want, but yeah 2000km for another $1k. i guess if i only clock up 5000km in a year 50000km on a 2005 isnt sooo bad.
  5. Whoops sorry mate.

    Doesn't make any difference though, the 05 model is still the better value and the one i'd go for. For the money, it's cheap as chips. Has it been dropped? Is it the original owner?

    You will get well over 100,000km on the engine to so don't worry.

    As a general rule for me, age is more of a factor than kms travelled. Age will wear all components, when something is over 5yrs old it's generally going to get glitches here and there whether it's travelled 10,000 or 50,000km.

    In fact one could possibly argue higher kms is a better bike to buy because of frequent servicing and use. Most low km bikes sit in garages not moving and not serviced often enough.
  6. 03 – 05 You have the addition of fuel Injection.
    05 they improve the suspension and up the power just a touch.
    I haven’t ridden anything prior to 03, but I can say that the 05 is FanF#$kingtastic
  7. Yep... I think there would be very few vehicles of any kind whose owners pay attention to the "OR 6 months, whichever comes first" service time intervals.