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R55 full exhaust system

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by hyo_duc, Apr 12, 2011.

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    ok guys im looking to buy a full r55 yoshi exhaust system with the carbon tip of course! it if for my gsxr600 K8
    im been adding quite a bit in last 2 months and just completed the chain and sprocket conversion!
    what i am curious about is a few things:

    1- i will need to get the bike tuned so what do you guys recommend in regards to ecu things like power commanders and such?

    2- also in relation to the system itself, how 'illegal' (better way to put it) would it be? i currently have the slip on of same system without the baffle and love it!
    it wont be shooting out flamed like this will it:
    Look at video at 45 seconds in...

    i know ill get a slight power increase, and the noise will be louder.. but it wont be that ridiculously louder than a slip on without the baffle would it?
    can anyone talk from experience?

    all the help appreciated

  2. also this is in relation to melbourne/vic laws
  3. I had the same system on my K8 1000. Didn't need to get it tuned as the ECU will adjust air ratios to a point. Make sure you plug in the O2 sensor from your original pipe, it should just screw in. Not sure if the 600 has a similar ECU. A power commander or similar would be the best way to get the most out of it though.

    I never had a issue with it (in regards to noise) and I was pulled over about a dozen times last year (for harrassment procedures) and it was never spoken about by any officer that pulled me over. I had it on my insurance policy and there were no issues when the bike got written off.

    Be aware though, that this system does eliminate the CAT and the fines for doing that are rather large. I was more concerned about that, than the noise factor.
  4. If you take the stock pipe of your bike and put either a full system or slipon pipe then the bike will run leaner. As mentioned above, the bikes ECU will adjust for it but to make the bike run smoother with AF ratios etc, then whacking on a PC is the best thing to do. The bikes are tuned with the stock exhaust/muffler on so changing it any way, shape or form will require tuning. The bike will go fine but it won't be running to it's 100% capacity.
    The bike will be much louder than if you were just to put a slip on can on. For the full system you need to yank the cat converter off so you will get the full roar power of the bike. It will be quite loud. Yoshi pipes can tend to be pretty loud but not really obnoxious. I've got an M4 setup that has a wonderful note. You don't want something that's going to attract the cops and I guess if you find a cop who know's his bikes, he may realise that the cat has been ripped off then proceed to rip you a new ass. Haven't heard of it happening to anyone though............

  5. You would be surprised just how lean some injected bikes run with a slip on or full system. Exhaust manufacturers claim no mapping is needed but they would wouldnt they, they are selling exhausts after all.

    At the very least get a dyno run done with an af reading. That way you know EXACTLY what your bike is doing, engine rebuilds are not cheap. Most bikes run lean between 3-6,000 rpm which is often where the emissions systems lean out the mixture to pass emissions laws. Adding a pipe and not having the means to adjust the air/fuel ratio just makes it worse. To get the most out of your system you really should get a power commander or similar, not for the horsepower gains because they can be minimal, but for the massive improvements in ride ability that a properly built custom map provides.

    Hope this helps
  6. hey guys all that is a dramatic help thanx to all.
    it also makes me think i dont want to spend the money because i do use the bike quite a lot, and in saying that if it attracts the cops it would be too much of a hassle day-in day-out to worry about em'.
    i guess i should still get the tune and power commander as i prefer the bike to run its best. i want to rid that emission section of the map because it is complete bollocks!
    ill keep looking into the full system because i guess any exhaust mod is illegal in our nanny state, just depends on if the cop is a tight ass or not.

    do you guys suggest getting a custom piping job as in headers and mid pipe, but leaving the cat there?
    i know it sounds slightly silly but looks wise it is fantastic...
  7. Have you thought about just getting a mid pipe - around $120, fitting that after yanking off the converter and then putting on a nice can?
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    Lol, thanks for quoting my vid :)

    I got a payment from Google that said "netrider forums" so I had to come check the place out. Sorry for the old thread bump ;)

    Pic of said flames:


    -Jamie M.