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  1. Wanz submitted a new Showcase Item:


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  2. Nice looking bike, awesome colour scheme too:)
  3. very nice :)
  4. Nice looking bike.
  5. I ride an R3 too. :)
    Where did you get Yamaha frame sliders from and how much were they?
  6. thanks all for liking it
  7. Hi Sioux, I bought it from the dealer I got the bike from. You can look at yamaha shop online. Try google it "yshop". I can't post link atm.
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  8. I have a brand new frame slider which fit the R3. it is brand new and sealed. I bought it from Yamaha but decided not to install. so it is sitting here collecting dust.

    Please contact me if interested...
  9. Thanks. I brought it from overseas. I don't know the brand tho. Sorry
  10. I been looking at a few but can't find that one unfortunately. You remember what country?
  11. Indonesia. Maybe go for a holiday too;)
  12. I t
    I just got back from a few weeks in Japan. Thanks! I found it
    aksesoris yamaha r25 kaskus
  13. Amazing what a few mods does to a stock bike. Ordered the same smoked front turn signals, they look so much better. I put oggy knobb frame sliders on my black R3, cost $250. I must say the ones you have on look better. I wasn't too keen on the R&G fender eliminator. Got one from the US called Vagabond,
  14. The Vagabond ones make the bike look sweet
  15. I know this is an older thread but that yammie looks sweet!
  16. Thanks, I sold the bike unfortunately:(. Bought a 600rr. If i have the money, and the space, and the missus fine with it, i would've still have both.:D
  17. I hear that mate!

    better update your profile and post up some pics of the RR then
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