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R18 Classification Review (ATTN Gamers)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by conspiracytheorist, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. Alrighty, as most gamers will know - in Australia there is no R18 classification for games, meaning any game that can't come into the MA15+ requirement or lower are banned and never reach australia, or heavily censored (usually game companies can't be bothered accomodating our laws so it just never ends up getting there). News article;

    There is a review of this current policy, with the hope that an R18 rating can be created for games in Australia. To give us a chance of this happening there needs to be feedback submitted. To have your say;

    Simply download a submission template (either pdf or doc) from the right side of the page, fill this out and email it to classificationreview@ag.gov.au

    Cheers all and dont forget to spread the word!
  2. Done! I have even put it out in the clinic to get my patients to sign....bribing them with extra time with our massage assistant. :censored::censored:
  3. (y) Awesome, good stuff
  4. And its about smegging time.
  5. So should I cancel the hit on Michael Atkinson then?
  6. I'd say continue. I'll make a submission but considering Atkinson has pretty much said he doesn't care what the people think, he will never vote it through, I dont see a change happening while he is still in power.
  7. I've posted this on several places already.

    oh and for those worried about Atkinson - there's an SA state election in march......
  8. We'll see how the election goes.

    This is such bullshit.
  9. Considering moving to SA to run against this douche bag....
  10. I'll vote for ya
  11. Done! I'm not a massive games player, but I still don't think the classifications system is fair. And that Atkinson is a douche!

    I wrote a letter to my state AG, but just got back a standard response saying she'd get back to me. Then a statement about this submission this morning. Pretty poor really.
  12. Will there be submissions AGAINST an 18+ rating? I can't think of many people who'd give enough of a shit.
  13. Atkinson was saying in the paper today that the laws shouldn't come in because an 18 year old could take it home and a younger sibling could play it.

  14. Yes I'm sure Atkinson and his nerdburgling technophobe associates will oppose the idea.

    Yes his rationale is completely .. lacking. Unless he's fundamentally opposed to any R18 content (movies, etc. not just games), in which case its a different argument.
  15. nope, he's fine with 18+ movies because 'when people go to a cinema you can make sure they're over 18 but when games go in the home you have no way to make sure people under 18 aren't playing them'

    he seems to have completely forgotten that DVD;s exist.
  16. Done. Atkinson's a prat and doesn't speak for this South Australian.
  17. Whichever politician works to abolish this, Ill vote for them. Damn nanny state dictatorship
  18. What about ciggies/alcohol? He looks like the type to enjoy a glass of red with his dinner, the hypocrite.

    I submitted, here's to hoping :beer: