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R1200GS Adv

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by bonox, May 22, 2006.

  1. Such an amazing piece of machinery. Doesn't feel like it weighs any more than the blackbird (even though it does), but rides over holes in the ground like they aren't there, especially the road out to wollombi. Also the first bike i've ridden where you can do 100km/h without wearing earplugs.

    First bike i've ridden where you need to slide off the seat to get a foot on the ground and the bars are so wide you feel like you could twist the forks right off the bike.

    Doesn't vibrate nearly as much as I thought it might for a 1200cc twin and will just lug its way up steep hills at idle without kicking up a stink. First gear still a bit high, but i guess that's the road compromise! Pity there are no first or final drive options like the 1150 adv model.

    ABS works well, especially combined with the unsual suspension bmw use, but the power assistance is a little grabby working your way down a steep slope. Doesn't dive under brakes though, and there is no indication of the abs kicking in as far as foot or hand feedback. The servo whine at the lights is annoying though - if you can stop a goldwing with unpowered brakes, why won't bmw do it with theirs! Bastiges!

    Has a nice exhaust note: it must run very lean for euro emissions, so it has a lovely occasional pop and crackle under heavy overrun - sounds brilliant on down hills!

    Also feels much more stable in dirt than the blackbird - although squirming around on 180 rears with 160hp and 3" suspension travel isn't much fun on dirt, esp. as you can't stand up at all and it has a quarter turn throttle!

    Interesting upshot of the 33litre fuel tank is by the time you empty the first tank, you are ready to have the first service. Dayum!

    Now, where's that TT dogalogue!
  2. Was this a test ride mate or have you gone and bought one?

    What are the differences between the Adventure and normal R12GS?
  3. both - test ride and liked it so ordered one.

    not much of a difference between the two, but you do get:

    1. larger fuel tank
    2. bigger windscreen
    3. 120W more electrics
    4. larger footpegs
    5. 2" more suspension travel
    6. Wire wheels + Karoo's (tourance/anakee + alloys on GS)
    7. Engine bars.
    8. Different seat.

    Not as many differences as between the older 1150gs and adv models.
  4. Great bike, congratulations. I rode one at a BMW club night here in Perth a while back, and although I thought it a damn fine machine I couldn't touch the ground even by sliding off the seat (I'm 5'8")..........
  5. What did that set you back?
  6. one of those questions Loz that normally isn't worth answering unless you are looking to say - gee i have more money than brains, or "please steal this bike from me".

    Suffice to say the base number is available from the bmw website if you want one yourself.

    One of the big catches though is what the bmw branded touratech luggage will set you back if you want it, plus everything else on the options list :D
  7. Oh.... righty-o... :shock:

    I wasn't gonna steal it, promise.
  8. no probs Loz, but personally i think anyone who swaggers around saying "i just spent xxx dollars on an abc" is just trying to impress people and it always sounds stupid. Especially from the HD crowd. I just want to ride the bike, not brag about how much it cost. Besides, if i don't say anything i'll be more inclined to be more gung-ho in the mud :p