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R1150GS Adventure, Quite a disappointment

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by goof, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. Have just sold my Adventure and am going back to an 81 R100RS. I found the Adventure to be adequate on tar however off road, even on decent gravel the bike was heavy (to be expected after all it's not a XR) and vague in the front end. I think this vagueness is largely to do with a smaller front wheel (19 down from 21). It did not inspire confidence at all. For anyone thinking of doing serious gravel and outback adventures and you want a Beemer, go for an older 100GS and in particular look for the PD. An excellent bike, I had one for 8 years and sold it to get the Adventure. Bad move. The Adveture looks tough, can be loaded with tonnes of gear and goes like stink, but when it gets to the meat of the matter, off road, I'm sorry it just doesn't cut it.

  2. I can't speak for BMWs, but the other week when I was in Melbourne I rode for a few kays on dirt on the Hornet and found it a very disquieting experience, due, mainly, I think, to the 16" front wheel. I rode heaps of bikes with 18" wheels back when, on dirt, and never noticed that 'nervousness' with them. Several of them were a lot heavier too, so I don't think weight was the issue.
  3. Interesting.

    I'm currently on the lookout for a GS. Arguing between the 1150 and the 100.

    Thing is I need it for 2 up work + luggage. Which is why I'm leaning towards the adventure.
  4. Hi Goof, I agree with you. Before I bought my R1150R I liked the idea of the GS. I arranged a full weekend test ride, and took it over a bunch of fire trails out near Mundaring. The front end vagueness you describe is quite pronounced. On the road the front suspension travel when braking, almost made me seasick. I opted for the R1150R instead, and have never looked back.
  5. 16" front wheel? That's not a lot of radius. Are we getting to be like mobile phones where smaller is better? Give me 21 inches on the front any time because, as with a lot of other things, size does matter. Is anyone selling a GS PD? The more I think about it the more I want one again.
  6. And while I'm on the topic of kicking the Adventure, heres a couple of other things any likely purchaser of said machine will want to consider. Firstly is the fact that no-one who buys this kind of bike will not want the panniers, therefore I think it's very poor form for BMW to sell the panniers seperately for a few thousand bucks. Buy aftermarket panniers, you can get far superior items for a lot less money. Secondly is getting slugged around 70 bucks an hour for servicing at a BMW dealer by one of their 'technicians' when in all reality you are probably having it done by the first year apprentice. Find a good independant BMW mechanic who will cost less and probably care more.
  7. Curiously, when the British mag RIDE compared the entire range of GS models, they more or less concluded that the standard GS was better off-road than the Adventure, largely due to the lesser bulk and weight. But like you, they decided the R100GS was the one for dirt.
    The only one I've tried is the R1200GS and despite being apparently more road-oriented I had no problems with it on gravel. Go figure.
  8. the r1200gs had shed 30kg off the 1150 and was aimed at the off road aspect of the market. Less weight can only be a good thing off road. One of the comromises with the 1200 was a greatly reduced fuel capacity, down from 30L to 18(?) so unfortunately if you wanted to go from mlb to darwin you're gonna be making 30% more stops for fuel and a lot more planning for thos long hauls between road houses. Goddam i must be getting old, all i seem to be doing is bitchin'. I think I am officially a Grumpy Old Man.
  9. I've always found that BMW's purely road oriented bikes, certainly the 'R' bikes, have been quite capable on poor surfaces. I am not talking off-road, I mean 'really bad road'. Before the GS was released in the 80's plenty of people put 'dirt' tyres on 'R' bikes and did long rough 'adventure' rides up to, and including around the worlders.

    Incidentally, don't ask why, but a few years ago I had the strange experience of riding a Honda Valkyrie for almost 300k's on dirt roads. After a bit of initial nervousness I was amazed to find that it coped very very well. It may have been a combination of soft steering angle and huge weight, but nothing unsettled it, with corrugations being a breeze. If anybody had told me that, I would probably have laughed.
  10. you'll fit in well here at netrider then :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  11. It's the default setting :LOL:
  12. Sell me R100GSPD? NO WAY!
    Old Fugly is a trusted and true friend, we've seen some country, and she always gets me there.
    The new 1200 is a nice bike to ride, but not for a home mechanic.
    I've yet to be stuck in a situation where I couldn't fix it or Munich Motorcycles in Perth couldn't send a part within 24 hours.
    Can't killem with an axe.
    Frightens sports bike riding mates, blasting 'round the outside heading up the Gillies Highway. Couldn't sell her!
  13. I see your few kays on dirt on a Hornet 600 and raise you the full length of the Omeo Highway on a ZX9... two up... including 60km with a puncture-repaired rear with 15psi in it... after sunset... with a dark visor on...

    <looks down>

    ...man, that's a lot of chest hair. If anyone needs me, I'll be in the bathroom, waxing.

    Regarding the 1150GS... if the OP had the cash for one of those, and wanted to go touring in Deliverance country, he would've had the cash for a KTM 950 Adventure, too. That would've been a better proposition.
  14. Hmmm. If you buy the KTM adventure you best get friendly with an insurance company. Friend of a friend of a friend dropped his on a gravel road -as you do, not going very fast & the bill for all the plastic & other repairs was about $7000. Beats me why they put so much plastic on something designed to head bush on.
    P.S Oh, I forgot this one. Ended up out at woods point on my K100rs following a mate who "knew exactly where the Reefton spur was" a few years back :shock: There's a lot to be said for skinny tyres in those conditions :D Wider bars & it would be quite comfortable.