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R1 vs Corvette vs NOS Busa vs ZX 10R

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Removed_User4, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. Is there really that much difference between the 1L class sportsbikes or is it more about riders? Hmmm
  2. Well Ive got a 2002 R6 which is the same year as the R1 in the video and the R1 in the video only does 10 kmh more than my bike even though the R1 has 60% more cubic capacity.
  3. The R1's, from '98-'03 were more tuned for mid-range grunt, not top-end speed. You'll note that the R1 has the leap pretty much every time early on, and that's the way that they are tuned, being to get you from 60-180kph extremely quickly. Beyond 200kph they aren't as quick and run out of puff by 260kph. The '02-'03 R1's are just the same engine as in the '98-'01 R1's, but with fuel injection, so really even in an '03 R1, you're looking at an engine that dates back to '98. The stock '98-'03 R1's put out between 130-138hp at the rear wheel, but have a stonking wide mid-range almost like a big V-twin.

    In the real world, and indeed, even on a race-track, for the most part you will never notice the lack of power of the pre-'04 R1's, and in fact you can grunt out of corners every bit as well, if not even a bit better, than many late model litre bikes. It's only on a long straight-line drag where they'll lose out to the newer litre bikes which are now putting out close to 160hp at the rear wheel in stock trim at the upper end where top-speed runs require it.
  4. :google: is amazing!
  5. Yes, it is, but what does that have to do with anything said above?
  6. You shouldn't take that as an offence, its my own warped way of viewing things. Too many people feel attacked by what people have replied when writing post/topics on Netrider or and /are to many people whom appear authorities on things. Im not suggesting either in any ones case. I dont know you and have never met you and your probably a very nice person, Im just here to share interesting and funny things that I've found on the net and post it in the multi-media section so every-one can enjoy them if they find them interesting enough.

  7. Except Stew owns one an R1, seems to know about it, rides it fast and well and generally is a good provider of information on lots of aspects of riding, without the wank factor usually associated with people who offer such information.
  8. I dont know what your trying to say except that maybe your wanting an argument which Im not going to bother to get into. As I said I dont know him never suggested I did know anything about him and I never suggested his information has a wank element to it. Its good to see people coming to the defense of people if thats what your doing but its not necessary because I'm not attacking anyone. If thats what you interpret in my last post you've misinterpretated it. And I dont think I need to say any more about it. Hope you found the different races between the bikes and cars interesting because thats what this topic was for.
  9. I have no idea what this is about mate.

    I offered some information as to why what is seen in the video is occurring, primarily based around direct experience with the subject at hand, and mostly as a response to Doggy's post.

    You come along and make the comment that "Google is great". I agree, but...

    I was just wondering what point was being made in posting that here? That's all. I asked for no more than that really, but did seem to get a rather convoluted response. I wasn't accusing you of attacking me, nor did I really feel like it was an attack because I didn't understand the reason for it. Guilty conscience?

    Just wanted to know why, is all.
  10. I should have made my last post clearer for whom it was for which was intended for cejay feeling he had to defend you.
  11. Hey smartee, old mate, here's where the problem starts. A technical discussion gets de-railed, and you're the one that does it.

    It was at least dismissive if not rude of you to attribute Cathar's post to Google, when a closer examination of the forum would have shown you that he is not just a Yamaha R-series rider, but an accomplished track rider as well, and extremely well-qualified to comment on the subject.

    You can by all means hold your opinions, but, please, have an appropriate level of respect for others', OK??
  12. Funny - and I thought it was obvious that I was responding to the post you made before cejay's.
  13. Hmmm, I guess an amusing variation would be:

    "Is that the truth, or did you just read about it on Google"?
  14. I'm as confused as you now. Where did I say I wanted an argument? You mentioned you didn't know Stew etc...I was providing some background. Really, there was nothing more to it than that.

    BTW, thanks for the Ice Cream the other week...you have met me :)
  15. LOL smarteeee :LOL: