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R1 vs CBR1000RR vs GSX1000

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by randy, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. R1 vs CBR1000RR vs GSX1000 - ridden any/all? your comments please

  2. Just get the Honda.
  3. Ridden all of them and i say that the R1 is defenatley the best!
  4. interesting GSX1000 they haven't been around for years..... :p

    but I like the GSXR1000K4..... :D

  5. Reviews say this about the 04 models:

    CBR = Sensible option (relatively speaking)
    ZX10 = New nutters option
    GSXR = Old nutters option
    R1 = In between

    For 05' only the GSXR has been updated.
  6. I’m up to my second R1 (the first one didn’t survive hitting the back of vehicle at a pedestrian crossing) and found with my size that the GSXR and the HONDA are a little wider making it a less comfortable ride for me. I’ve test rode the 04 R1 and that beast goes like a jet with wheels, cant put an opinion on the other 04 bikes as I haven’t taken them out for a spin (yet).
  7. Thanks Slic1, I will be buying a 05 model but 04 model comments helpful.

    NovaCoder, not considering ZX10, crap. But reason for comments on others please?

    Numb, what's best about the R1?

    matt232, why the Honda?
  8. Randy why do you consider the ZX10 crap, Just an interested question. I am sure it is quick enough and more than enough for the roads that most of us ride.
  9. Have you ridden any of them yet Randy?
    Why don't you go out and ride them so that you make an informed decision on what bike best suits you?
    Just because Matt likes his Honda doesn't mean that you will.
    Go out and ride these bikes and let us know which is the best.

  10. please explain why you think this bike is crap????

    you haven't ridden any of them and if you have it would only be test rides, to know a bike you need to ride it for a few days and on different roads, so you can't say which one is better than the other.....all riders are different and what bike is good for one person is no for another....
  11. It just what the bike reviews have been saying. To be honest these bikes are all so similar (and awesome) that it comes down to what color you like best and good old brand loyalty.
  12. As Novacoder said the 05 models of the CBR1000RR, R1 and ZX-10R are exactly the same but might have a different paint job or extra stickers. THE GSX-R1000 is the only one which has been re-engineering this year. But if you were to get an 04 Gixxer you are going to save a decent amount (mate just bought one for a little over $15k when his 2000 model was stolen) since they are trying to get the out the door. He didn't want the 05 Gixxer.

    If price is a deciding factor then the 04 Gixxer might come out on top. However I have heard that the CBR1000RR was going for around the same amount (that whole thread might be worth a read before you make a purchase as well). And if you hunt around then you are likely to find the R1 can be had for the same amount.

    But if there is a large difference in price between your choices and you happy with them. Then the difference in then isn't all that much (other than perhaps steering dampers, ehaust configurations, etc).

    I bought the CBR1000RR because the review rraved about it being the most planted and rider friendly. Also having an electronic steering damper has saved my butt many a time. To be truthful when I got the bike I was kind of disappointed in it because I wasn't getting a "Holy fcuk this bike can go" type feeling, but I hadn't been on a bike for 2 years and was riding like a granny, this was also the reason why when the 04 bikes was released the bike was rated below the others. After a few weeks I start to tap into and it can scare the hell out of you just as easy as the other bikes (later 04 comparisons also reflected this but rating it at the top of the 4 Japanese litre bikes on offer.)

    Also not sure if the others have it, I;d be surprised if they don't but the immobiliser on the CBR1000RR helps reduce your insurance premiums. make sure you check your insurance premiums before you buy to see if you can afford them.

    If you want to have a read of my experiences then have a read of this. I posted the same thing here but it has been deleted due to space issues, you'll have to register on fireblades.org but its a great forum and will be invaluable if you do get the CBR1000RR.

    My suggestion is to grab the next litre bike comparison in the bike mags and read that. Also check out the Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha website and pull up all the features of each model. You should then be able to see which bike has an advantage in gadgetry, then perhaps post more specific questions.
  13. Yeah, Randy, I've got all of them in my garage at home including the Duc999, MV1000 and the Bernelli Tre.

    Why don't you come down to coffee one night and I'll let you ride one of them for yourself ?? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  14. I'm a lucky girl because I have 3 friends (no that's not all of the friends i have).. who have those bikes....

    I have to say going by what I see on ride days and what they have told me... (they all swap bikes etc)

    I would be getting the


    Lisa :twisted:
  15. I'd choose the ZX-10R over the R1, simply because the R1 has one more exhaust pipe than it needs, a really dicky exercise in styling.
    Not quite as bad as teh 4 pipes on the Z1000 but still shithouse.
  16. I'm there Orlando! Bring the MV first, I don't want to look like a poser with the 999 :p
  17. If any one prefers Kawasaki 10r to Ducati 999r means they only read the specification of the bike and they don’t think about the material and technology that has been used for Ducati 999r in the same way the technology and money they have spent for the CBR1000RR is much more than YZF R1. I have ridden all 4 of them and all you boys know that the difference in power between them is not that noticeable but I found the best handling in 1:CBR1000RR 2:GSXr1000 3: YZF R1
    Look wise: (My taste)
    1:CBR1000RR 2: YZF R1 3: GSX r1000
    The reasons I bought the CBR1000rr is the size of it, it looks good even for big size riders and finally the name of Honda cause this machine lasts for ever.
  18. G'Day madblesh, welcome to netrider!!

    Great choice in bike! And sound reasoning!!!
  19. did the 05 R1 pick up an extra pipe or are you saying that one exhaust pipe is too many?
  20. Twin underseat on the '05 R1, I think. As opposed to a single underseat on the ZX10R?