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R1 Standard Tyres - no good? - (solved)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by outactrl, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. well its my opinion, and i'm not professional, so sorry if my views are different to yours.

    Ive picked myself up 2005 R1, OMG so sweet, anyway, the bike has done so little kms that it still has the standard DUNLOP SPORTMAX front and rears. (are they the standards?)

    Ive been riding my 03 R6 for the past few years and the last few sets of tyres i have been using at the "Pirelli Diablo Corsa III", great tyres, when i ride i just seem to feel that much more stuck to the road, im not the most aggressive rider, but i can easily get my knee down on most corners when i want to, so i use up a fair bit of the whole tyre. now when i have been using the Pirelli's i have never noticed any slip out on cornering (this is in dry conditions) and i reccomend the tyres to anyone, however they are very soft, so you wont get much life out of them.

    back to the R1,
    When riding with the Dunlop Sportmax's on a few corners when i have been getting low, i have felt the rear slip once or twice, when i try and get the front up, the rear wheel spins out very easily.

    I consider my throttle control to be quite good, (but maybe it's not?)
    I can get the front up on my R6 easily, but using the same technique and speed on my r1, the back just spins. (bad tyres or just the fact that its more powerful?)

    so i have put it down to the tyres, even though they have heaps of tread left, I'm going to swap them, i think i will just feel safer when riding.
    like i said, NOT THE BEST RIDER, and when the back starts to slip when powering out of a corner,,,,,,, well, i just don't want it to.

    So for those with R1's, if i'm not going to get the Pirelli Diablo Corsa III again, what should i get?
  2. The Dunnies strike again... I've found the same thing and I even dislike the Qualifiers.

    Stick Pirelli Diablo Rosso or Bridgestone BT-016/BT-002s on it and you'll love them. The Rossos have been getting rave reviews all over the place, including from our very own [FLUX] who knows his shit. I haven't ridden those but my favourite tyre is the 002 with its mix of massive grip and incredibly neutral handling characteristics. I feel the bridgies let me ride my best.
  3. A mates 08 r1 came with mich pilot powers, and IMO they're the bee's knees for my abilities :grin:
  4. I should add, you've now got a lot more power under your throttle, and you can spin up just about any tyre with superbike power under the right conditions. But I've never ridden a dunlop that didn't annoy me in some way.
  5. Hi mate I got the Pirelli DCIII's on the 10 and I love em. I'm guessing you are doing clutch up wheelies, my rear spins up sometimes when using the clutch mainly when the tyres cold. No need to anyway, just twist the wrist in first she'll come right up. As said though ditch the Dunlops they're shit.
  6. no im not using the clutch, just the standard power on wheelie
    on both the R6 and R1

    thanks for all your comments lads.
  7. sounds dodgey to me, i've never had a tyre slip in a straight line just powering on (in the dry). Maybe i'm just a pussy?
  8. In my experance it is how you apply the power- roll on fast and the front comes up snap it open= smoke
    N.B. this is with the 14 and if you mess up you will end up on your back wondering what happened so not really recomended :p
  9. just give me your credit card details and ill explain more.. lol
  10. 3 to 4 year old tyres are your problem. They've already been used so the protective wax coating has worn off. There's a reason why that waxy crap is there on new tyres. It increases the shelf life of the tyres, otherwise after six months or so the rubber naturally starts to stiffen, harden, and loses peak traction.

    Loz has set you straight above. The best of the general purpose tyres on the market, IMO, are:

    Pirelli Diablo Rosso
    Metzeler M3
    Michelin Pilot Powers (these tend to polarise opinions though. Many love them, some hate them)
    Bridgestone BT016 (good when warm - but they do take a long time to fully warm up)

    Stepping up to the "more tyre than anyone needs on the public road, but hey, I'd like to think that I'm that good" category :wink:, you have:

    Pirelli Diablo Corsa III
    Michelin Pilot Power 2CT
    Bridgestone BT002

    Comments for all are pretty much the same as for the first three. The Metzelers and Pirelli's are, IMO, the best all-round tyres for warm-up and traction in all conditions. The Michelins are a very close second that you'll either love or hate - and this seems to be dependent upon the bike's setup. The Bridgestones work well when warmed up, but they do take a long time to warm up and have been known to bite people (ie slip) if pushed too hard too quickly, whereas the Michelines, Pirelli's and Metzeler's are more consistently grippy more quickly. The Bridgestone may exceed the grip levels of the others when fully warm, just that you can't go as hard from the get go.
  11. Hay Flux do you know how the Diablo Corsa III tip in compared to the power 2ct? The reason I ask is I am one or the fast tip in fans and don't know anyone who has run both on the same bike and has a good feel for differing rates of "fall" for lack of a better word. Sorry about the thread jack.
  12. The tip-in and mid-corner line adjustment feel of the bridgestones is why I'm such a huge fan right now.
  13. The only stone I have had on the 14 is the 015 and did not like them at all they had to be HOT to stick well and when you got them hot the life of the tyre was very poor. The turn in was very slow compared to the powers but they were easier to arrest the fall of the bike and smoother if it did start to slide.
  14. Yep sounds like me, except I don't think i'm that good. I have more bike than anyone needs on a public road and tyres are one thing I told myself I would never skimp on.
  15. +1

    I have BT015R's on mine and they take AGES to get decent heat in them. It makes a short trip in the wet a tad hairy.

    Having said that, when they get to a good temperature they're awesome.

    Diablo Rosso's coming up shortly :wink:
  16. I've not personally used the 2CT's, but I hear that the profile and tip-in is pretty much like the regular PP's.

    The Corsa III's are a much more rounded tyre with more controlled and progressive tip-in.

    I've not yet tried the BT-016's, but from what little I've been able to gather, the Diablo Rosso's and the BT-016's are very similar in the way that they tip-in and control, but the Rosso's heat up better.

    At another forum I frequent, a number of people have tried the Rosso's out after my review of them, having switched out a set of PP's to try them. Out of about 5 people, not one has said that they preferred the PP's over the Rosso's, and this includes at least two who previously stated how much they loved the Powers.

    Still, tyres really are a personal choice. All you can do is try. I'm not saying that you'll definitely love them (the Rossos) as much as I do, just that IMO, if you're adventurous and want to give them a go, they aren't going to let you down for traction and grip and control.
  17. My 98 runs pilot power front an pilot sport rear.
    Cold tyres = slip

    Any who, i need a new rear and was recomended by the guy that serviced my front shocks to go for a pilot road rear tyre.

    Anyone have any opinions on the Pilot Road?
    I do alot of freeway miles so I'm thinking il just square off a pilot power in no time...

    Will go for another 180/55 rear too as it seems the 190/50 are less suited to road use and take alot more effort to tip in.
  18. Thanks Flux I might try them on the R1. On the 14 tip-in speed is critical to being able to ride the twisty stuff fast and arresting the fall with the throttle is not so much of a concern. Oh and I found the tip in of the 2ct slightly slower than the power but you can get on the throttle harder earlier and so for me they are only slightly faster and wear out nice and evenly.
  19. does any of you lads ride with Continental's
    just looking here
    and was wondering if the Continental Sport Attack were any good an R1.

    they also stock the Michelin Pilot Powers, but the site doesn't say if they are the standard or 2CT {see what [Flux] posted earlier)

    i want to stick with Pirelli's but i think the cheapest i found a rear for my R6 was $330ish, whats it going to cost on a R1?

    basically im going to get a new set, I've just got to figure out what to get now.
  20. I paid $359 for the DCIII 190 rear.