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R1 riders! Beware

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by raven, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. Now firstly, I've got alot of respect and highly regard the R1. A bewdiful piece of equipment. So no offence or disrespect to r1 riders on the whole.

    But I have to warn you guys - your cred might be under attack if what I sore reflects a trend.
    Used to be, from what I've observed in the past that the suzuki's were the "Gino bike". BUT, up at the hville v
    Bakery yesterday Is was surrounded by about 10 new big-bang R1's, all ridden by the worst examples of the Gino crowd.

    To varying extents these new model machines had been blinged, beyond all reasoning. One very new black/grey model, actually had white rims with black rimtape and then had all the fasteners on replaced wit maroon anodized ones! This bewdiful piece of brand spanking new, engineering masterpiece looked like motorcycle version of a bolliwood!
    The others had matching colored screens, all helmets were the most expensive models with those mirror finished screens, and there they all were inside going "Yo dude" to each other, wearing their straight of the rack, single piece racing leathers, complete with full size camel humps, visibly trying to muster their best "look at me, I'm so cool", which translated into English actual said "look at me - I got a big boik, and my bro's all reckon we's got cred coz we are where all the real the riders hang out" - " but not like that old codger over there, larfin at me mates! Bastard!"

    Subsequently, it appeared from this example that the new bigbang Yam, might now be the 2011 Gino bike. Although there were still a few suzuki's in the mix still.

    If I road an R1, I could not have stopped there for a break, in case I was mistaken for of them. I was lucky...they all looked down their noses, caus that bike only had 675 on it, ours got 1000.!! MUCH better bike for shore!
    At that time, I was desperately pleased, that I didn't have an r1!

    So be warned...the R1's rep is going to take a dive, I reckon.
  2. They taking over from the Duke caffe latte set,
  3. Better then the guy i saw riding a kwaka cruiser today in cessnock.
    Black cruiser and black leathers.

    Pink grips and wheel tape, pink streamers hanging from his bar ends, pink helmet, and worst of all, pink ugg boots (in the middle of 38c).

    He tooted his horn... got everyones attention, waved at me... and said hello darling. I nearly died.
    Rattus, i thought you rode sports bikes!
  4. ^^ @Mr Messy :rofl:

    hahaha woulda been something to see for sure! pics?!!?
  5. That's very judgemental of you John.
  6. R1s have always been Leb bikes in NSW. I can't say Suzuki suffered that stigma here. "Ninjahs" are ridden by middle aged gap toothed bogans who still carry on like 19 year olds.
  7. "Gino Bikes".
  8. Ever been to Brighton Le Sands on a weekend ibast? There are heaps of Suzuki's with the rider in full squid "uniform".
  9. Yep. Possibly.... But I have standards. I can't help it if they don't qualify :)
  10. R1's seem to have a higher number of riders wearing 'safety shorts, safety thongs and safety singlet tops' from my observations.
  11. Whats wrong with popping mono's and free reving my megaphone zorst whilst on my squidixxer down bay street?
  12. If you see them again, can you get a phone number for me?

  13. No need to hate on good equipment, but I do agree with you on the bling blings and the snobby attitude.

    You do have a way with guys, should Mrs Messy be concerned lol?

    Ive always thought Ninjas and Gixxer popular with the asian crowd who bling them up with neons and Japanese characters.

  14. I thought for a moment you meant to write 'gyno bikes'.
  15. At work my boss and I never lay off one of the girls here for dating an R1 rider. Especially when she had bumps on her lip - she said it was from waxing - we know it's some weird R1 rider disease. Like R1 rider herpes.
  16. Exactly which lips was she waxing, and what was she doing showing them to you - I thought most women only waxed the bikini line? 8-[
  17. Happen to get a pic of their chicken strips John?
  18. Heading to a local motorcycle wrecker near you! guidos are a good supply of spare parts and sadly, high greenslip prices and insurance quotas.
  19. Not many forks or body panels though :D.
  20. :D I have heard a rumour that statistically speaking, a lot of R1's don't make it past the first year of ownership! can any one verify that?.