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R1 - New rotors and rads, massive pulsing

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Sheeth, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. R1-HELP- New rotors and pads, massive pulsing

    Hey guys,

    Just swapped out my front rotors and pads on the R1 with some high end EBC gear, EX rotors and HH pads.

    On my way home in the rain and the brakes feel strong strait away, but there's a very definite pulsing coming though the leaver, and as the bike slowed, the speed modulated rather than slowing consistently.

    Now I've swapped out rotors 3 or 4 times with no trouble but always with second hand gear, so I haven't done anything obvious wrong. It's all torqued up, and done by the book.

    So any ideas on what I may have done wrong? Or is this feeling maybe normal on new rotors? Or maybe its because of the rain I had to ride in! all suggestions welcomed!

    I really have no choice but to pull it apart again tomorrow after work and try and see what I've done wrong, or if the rotors for whatever reason aren't strait.

    Thanks in advance guys!

  2. Sounds like your new rotors are warpped slightly, are they cheap eBay ones????
  3. what he said.
  4. Na guys there top of the range EBC rotors!
  5. It does sound like a bit of a warp. Did you bolt them up as you would the wheel on a car ??? Always moving to the opposit next.
    Also did you dump all the oil brake fluid. Penrite SIN is a great fluid for the price.
  6. The EBC I stuck on my motard had a coating on it, pulsing was freakin annoying until someone told me to clean the rotor with white spirit and scuff the pads - all good after this...
  7. Yeah I did, but having said this I might pull them off and just make sure I've put them on strait and true. I've torqued them up properly so I dono.

    Sounds like a good plan my man, I'll have a go at this tonight and let you know what happens, thanks guys
  8. If that's not the case then I'd probably send them back and ask for new ones. Just because they're brand name rotors doesn't mean they're immune to warping.
  9. Given the pads and rotors a sand with 100 grit, as well as trying a clean with metho, neither worked, Im going to pull the rotors off and make sure no caked on lock tight or anything has got in the way of the rotors being strait.

    Otherwise I'm going to guess they got damaged in shipping and they'll be sent back for a second time, (the first time was for the wrong fit!!)

    Thanks again guys!
  10. OK!

    Going to put the rotors back on PERFECTLY tomorrow, since they are wavy rotors, Any idea how they should line up? Waves in unison, waves opposite etc? I only realized the bolts don't match with the waves so there is 100 possibility's!
  11. Ok now I've done everything, just took the rotors off, cleaned of the lock-tight and re torqued them perfectly, re did the bed in procedure and it was exactly the same.

    One last stop at the bike shop tomorrow to see what they say, then its email time again to the distributor for 3rd set. Not in time for super bike school either!
  12. Do NOT put the waves in unison, they should be half wave out. So when looking through the wheel the waves shouldn't be the same.
  13. Yeah really good point man, I thought this too. When i put them back on i was sure to have them perfectly opposite but to no avail. The feeling really is that of a warp, once a rotation.

    Im off to the mechanic just so he can confirm this-morning, then its another email to the US distributor. Stuff's so cheep from OS but when things like this happen it really does show its bad side.

    Thanks again guys!
  14. Bugger, sorry to hear that Sheeth, I hope the mechanic can find something.
  15. Thanks guys,

    Mechanics opinion is that the rotors have been machined badly!

    Emailed the salesman, and hes a legend, there happy to do everything to try and fix this before next Tuesdays super bike school. This is great, lets just hope it works out!