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R1 leaning. need some pointers.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Yamaha R1, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. Hey all.

    I picked up my first bike about 4 weeks ago. It’s a 2004 Yamaha R1. I love it to bits. rah rah rah.

    Now not wanting to kill/damage the bike or myself I have been very careful on it. As a result of not leaning much, I now have a strip on either side of the tyres where they never come in contact with the road. They are only about 1/2 an inch wide.

    I’m just wondering if people actually get the chance to lean so much on the road. I have been through the mountains and all that but can never seem to go all the way over.

    Basically what I’m asking is, is it me (confidence on bike) or is it that I should be heading to the track for some serious angle?

    thanks in advance
  2. You want pointers? I'll point at your throttle grip.... NANNA!

    You can get rid of chook strips on the road if you're a quick and confident rider. From the sounds of it you're not yet. Don't push it, some rider training, SBK school or some track days might help you get more comfortable with turning your bike at speed, but at the end of the day you need to be belting around corners fast and at a high lean angle to get rid of them.

    ....and psssst... That's DANGEROUS!
  3. You need to go to rider training I'm afraid. It's not at all hard to lean a 180-90/70/17 from edge to edge.
  4. ok cool. thanks for the fast replys.

    i've been through the rider training but not the advanced stuff.

    i am leaning more and more but never seem to get rid of the "chook strips".

    also, the front tyre has a tendancy to want to slip out from under me. is this a tyre pressure issue?

    thanks again.
  5. hmmm, 1st bike is a R1.. maybe should of got something smaller and practiced on that first
  6. If the front tyre is slipping, it could be a tyre or suspension issue, or it could again be riding technique. Smoothly rolling on the throttle as you go through a corner helps lift some weight off the front wheel, which makes it less likely to slide.

    Still, front end slides are no fun, and they usually only happen when you're pushing very hard.
  7. nah. been riding on and off for years but never actually owned a bike.

    almost lived on a honda cbrRR250cc and never had a problem with that, but this bike is A LOT heavier to throw around. maybe i just need to get more used to it?


    ........and i am very smooth on the throttle. bike is 2nd hand and will soon be in need of a new fron tyre, maybe that could be the slippage problem???
  8. Just throw yourself into the corners, counter steer and lean, piece of piss.
  9. R1 as a first bike? I suggest you get some oggy knobs, STAT!

    I've got a few mm of strips, but I have sissy 250 tyres. Don't forget that the more you lean off the bike, the less the bike has to lean, which means more contact path, better grip (good).

    edit: By the way, if you commute alot then the strips will become larger, and go away more when you ride twisties more. So they do grow and shrink.
  10. my strips are like 1.5cm..................
  11. They what now? :? :? :?

    No they don't. After using part of the tyre's edge, it cannot become unused later. :)

  12. I guess you missed the part with :
    Might be his first bike he has owned but he has a bit of experience "in the saddle" it seems :) Good recommendation about frame sliders, if I had actually got them, I wouldn't have the slight scratches on the fairing + stator cover due to one low low speed drop. Taking off at a intersection and a car coming from other side didn't stop as he was supposed to give way to me but he came into the street FAST and we were both heading for the same spot of road, he was going to hit me so I hit the brakes and right foot was still coming off the ground as I was just taking off = bike laid down gently :evil: Other was bike dropped when I was standing next to it! :eek: I guess I didn't put the side stand down 100% properly and the bike fell when I walked past it/vibrations made the bike fall? :shock: :evil:

    Moral, even if you say to yourself "I only ride no more than 10 or 20 minutes away from my house", it still can pay to 'have protection'. One drop happened 2 minutes ride from my house at most, other was in the garage! *slaps head* Silly me! I still haven't learned my lesson so I'm going to buy some when I get back from pysio, heading off for it NOW... In fact Im kinda late by time I get ready and leave.. OOPS, no time for shower, sorry my physio guy :p
  13. Some tyre/ bike combinations are also easier to scrub to the edges than others.

    It also depends on your style, as others have said, the more you push yourself away from the bike the less the bike needs to lean. This is a good thing :)

    Chicken strips are no indication of a rider's speed/ abilities on the road so I wouldn't worry about them. If you really want to lose them, go to a track, they'll be gone in no time :grin:
    (Track riding is much more fun, anyway.)
  14. yeah have oggy knobs. they were the first thing i got for her. that and a new helmet.

    im big on sefety gear and bike bike protection i.e. oggy knobs. last thing i want to do is scratch up a $13000 bike coz i went stingy.

    yeah have a bit of experience but never owned a bike. yeah i do commute on her everyday as well. i never get the chance to lean that far in traffic. Weekends are the problem. i lean off the bike, maybe i should be leaning the bike and not myself????
  15. i think that one answers my question.
  16. Yep. If you take 2 people on the same bike and tyres around the same corners at the same speeds then typically the person with less skill will have less chicken strips, because they aren't leaning out as much, ie. bike leaner over more. If you're having fun (you have an r1, its necessary) then don't worry about strips. It takes time to get used to the bike.

    They certainly do grow and shrink! You are right, once the outside is worn, its worn. But if you commute on it alot, the inside inside will be more worn, making the outside look like it isn't. Plus I think some of a 'chicken strip' is grime and crap that isn't worn off from road contact.
  17. you are scared of yourself and your bike. its hard!
  18. Funny, yesterday I was practicing leaning myself and not just the bike, and some guy told me off for it.
    I had it to the point where I could lean the bike till the pegs scraped, so recently I've been working on leaning myself. Is this all of a sudden wrong?
    Or was the guy not just an asshole, but clueless as well?