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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by notorious_nick, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. ok. whats the go?

    im only a CBR250RR rider but i have talked to people who own an R1 (2003) and a GXSR (2008).

    both tell me they have the best 1000cc bike on the market. both tell me brands dont matter, but its how the bike feels.

    i know this post must have been posted a million times, but with the new models, seriously, what is the difference?

    even though the best assett to the bike is the rider, which of the major 4 jap brands are best for what purposes? which of the 4 go the hardest? which handle the best? which have the smoothest power bands? and which are the best value for money?

    i know i am full of questions but i seem to have been taking in a bit of propaganda about the whole deal.

    also, some of them tell me it is best to jump to a 600 before a 1000. other say it doesnt matter if you get a 1000 first because it is a different ride and still not TOO dangerous if you can master a 250 sports bike.

    i would be really greatful if anyone could tell me which 1000's are the best. if it is better to go a 600 before a 1000. and also which of the 1000's feel the best to ride for the dosh.

  3. R1 is fooli sik, ask anyone on chappoo street maaate.
  4. hmm to answer your question, buy the bike you like.

    I've ridden r1's, zx10's and etc, but a few weeks ago I was offered a ride on a gixxer 1000
    I looked at my speedo and thought holy f***! The pickup is phenomenal, it amazed me, and I already ride a 1000cc bike.

    People recommend 600's because if you're not careful the speed in which 1000cc bikes accelerate will catch out the unwary rider. I still remember the first time I rode my 600, I pinned the throttle and nearly fell off the back as I was so used to not hanging on tightly with my 250 :) So 600's are certainly quick enough.

    But I met a lady the other day who has her first bike.. and it's a zx14. She respects the bike and it's capabilities, so it's not a problem for her.
  5. Are you a Falcon or a Commodore person?

    Same question!

    They're all the same with different little nuances and feel. Go ride them all and see which one blows your skirt up! Don't worry what your mates think or say.
  6. I think Triway hit the nail on the head.

    But the Yamaha will always be the best choice... :grin:
  7. yes, yes it has :p
    if you want a thousand, get a thousand, just make sure you can afford the insurance, at your age you'll need to take out a mortgage to pay for it. are you actually wanting to get an 07 or 08 model bike? if not and you are looking at older ones, do your research, they *can* have generic problems with them.

    FWIW i really like the '07 ZX10R, and when the time comes that i have paid off the mortgage and have a spare 14 big ones lying around, i'd like to buy one. a 1098r would be better but :wink:
  8. Ridden and owned them all.

    Unless you are a jet on the track, you are not going to know f**k all on the road (assuming you are maintaining legal limits).

    It's up to personal preferance.

    However once on the track, the R1's and Gixxers start to show their talents.

    I am however started to be swayed by the new zx10r with 200 ponies at the top end! :twisted:
  9. Yeah these 1000's do seem quick, too quick for me. im not going to upgrade in the very near future, but the bikes that caught my eye were the 2007 CBR600rr and Daytona 675.
    Even though they are a pretty tiny bikes, they look to be well riding and well powered bikes.
    I guess that on the road the maximum capabilities of a 600 or 1000 sport wont be tested, so i was looking along the lines of a comfortable bike which will still go relatively fast if i wanted to get it ready for some track days.
    i do however also like the modern super sports, but i guess as idontlikemondays said, the idea of taking out a mortgage for a bike is pretty stupid ... and i dont have the money because im still a youngster.

    but on a different note, what does anyone think about the new fireblade? the new ninja looks to be a beast, but they reckon this years fireblade is the first in a while to give any of the competitors a run for their money.
  10. All great bikes... My pick would be the GSXR1000.. But out of interest have you considered the GSXR750 ??
  11. Riding a super-sport (600/675) will make you a better rider.

    Too much temptation on a litre bike to just accelerate from corner to corner, and then over-brake and mess up your corner entry. If anything, moving to a litre bike too early can stunt your progress as a rider.

    If it's what you really want though, take them for a test ride and buy whichever fits you the best. The rest of it you can modify to suit your needs anyway. If I were to buy a litre bike nowadays, it'd probably be a modern Blade.
  12. Look and brand are all that pretty much seperate the big boys. Personally, on looks alone, i favour the new zx10r.
  13. On the litre bike, you will go fast on the straights but slow in the corners. They all basically the same but some have their own character except for the honda. I hate to bag the honda but they are really boring compared to the other bikes.
    Also it will take you longer to become a good rider on a 1 litre compared to a 600.