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R1 gets destroyed by 2 stock cars!!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by FluffyDonkey, May 14, 2007.

  1. This is for all here who are sure that a car can never beat a bike.

    Also for those who love cars.

    And any other interested party.

    If you are the first click Here for a dose of reality.
  2. The reality is, thats a 1.3 US million dollar car against at production bike thats worth $19K? :?
  3. So an R1 can by outdragged by the fastest, most powerful, most expensive road car ever? What's your point?
  4. I'd like to see them against a million buck bike... Casey's, perhaps?

    Reality check my hairy arse. Take your car lovin' somewhere it's remotely relevant you goose.
  5. That car will outdrag Rossi's bike to its top speed from a stand still.

  6. Start saving then!

    And it is you, sir, that is the goose.
  7. I am saving, but kinda without point because they are all sold.

    And if me being right makes me a goose then i guess the shoe fits, but if being proven wrong is the qualification then i am sure that you have lost this round.
  8. Right about what? Anyway, judge's decision in final.

    ....Goose. :grin:
  9. I know you are but what am i??

  10. Rooting GOOSE!

    (I shall defeat you with my boundless intellect)
  11. Who cares, the r1 would be more fun :twisted: :grin:
  12. +1, Cars suck.
  13. The Bugatti Veyron is an amazing car. A bit of a silly comparison here, though.
  14. "Reality" is such a relative word... my reality would never include a Bugatti.

    I want my 2minutes and 7 seconds back.

    +1 Deadsy
  15. I'd take a buggati over a r1 any day.. But I'd then sell it and get a zonda and a good bike. Speaking of which has anyone seen the zonda in sydney? I want it so bad..
  16. Of the millions of clips around, you couldnt find something slightly
    less boring? sleep41_EZMYXY.

  17. You see MG i have the fortunate position of not giving a fcuk what you think at all cause you are a giant tosser.
  18. Bugatti Veyron 1/4 mile: 9.75 seconds.

    GSXR-1100 drag-bike 1/4 mile: 6.91 seconds.

    Top-fuel Dragster 1/4 mile: 4.5 seconds.

    Rocket-propelled car 1/4 mile: 3.5 seconds.

    Rifle bullet 1/4 mile: half a second depending on calibre.

    You can make any car plenty fast.
    You can make any bike plenty fast.
    The more rubber you have on the road, the better the tractability of the power the engine is putting out.
    You put wide enough tyres on a bike, it doesn't steer well... you may as well put two tyres there for better traction OHFVCKWHOOPSIT'SACARNOW!

    I have never seen anyone on this site say "All bikes are faster than all cars."

    ... because such a statement would be retarded.

    Why wasn't the OP "Wow, look at how the Veyron compares to an R1!",
    instead of "HA HA, suck on this you biking bikie bikeppl!" ???
  19. The reality is that the car is worth more than five times that amount. As VW used the Veyron as a technical exercise and are in fact losing a hat full of money on each and every one(Jeremy Clarkson).

    So let's not compare the fastest car in the world to anything other than a rocket ship
  20. Oh, this is priceless. Everybody getting their knickers in a knot over a production bike being outdragged by a 'cage'.

    Poor little schnookums :grin: