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R1 Fairing 09-12

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by flyindutchie, May 12, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,

    i searched but couldnt find anything on the forums. Anyone know where i can find myself r1 fairings 09-12 models, (pref oem) in sydney, or actually, australia wide? im trying a few wreckers but the chances of getting a clean set out of them is rather low. thanks in advance
  2. Hey Dutchie - I'm not sure if this is what you're after, but have a look through here... not OEM, but if all else fails..

    Fairing Solutions Australia

  3. I guess from your avatar you want black?

    I've got some fairings from the red frame model here at home.
  4. yeah was chasing down the black oem, but it seems pretty impossible to find. i guess thats an excuse to go and get a custom set instead... what parts have you got and what colours?
  5. I'd have to open up the boxes to be sure - but from memory...

    LH/RH main fairing (silver/red)
    Nose cone (pearl white)
    front mudguard (pearl white)
    tail (pearl white)
    bottom fairings (lh/rh, pearl white)

    All vg or ex condition - at least that what I remember. They've been in storage for over a year.

    If you're interested in custom fairings, I've used Fairing Solutions (Australia) and was pretty happy with the results. http://www.fairingsolutions.com.au/
  6. i ended up customising another matte set. www.bikefairings.com.au will post the results when i get them. you wouldn't happen to have the air duct covers or the smaller stuff would you?
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  7. Sorry - just the main bits.
  8. ok no worries thanks mate. @UDLOSE might be interested
  9. out of curiosity, know where i can find the headlight housing? i have a new block with the lights attached, but need the grill housing that covers the ducts