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R1 does the "Mad Mile" Mogo

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by _joel_, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. #1 _joel_, Dec 29, 2007
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    this is not me, or anyone i know.
    basically from my driveway, to the bay.
    200+ sweeper, after sweeper. most fun a bloke can have in 3 minutes :cool:
    i might go for a run now :twisted:
    edit- double demerits [​IMG]
    i'll stay home and drink rum instead :grin:

  2. :shock:

    If any ONE of those cars had sneezed, or if one of them had been a Police car. ........
  3. :LOL:
    talking about the po-po, cant have fun (i don't condone speeding) anywhere down here right now :(
    1xRed unmarked falcon
    1xBlue unmarked falcon
    1xSilver unmarked bombadore
    1xRed "Marked" highway car
    1xPurple "Marked" highway car
    1xBlack "Marked" highway car
    plus all the usuals!

    my poor scanner is working overtime!

    add to that, the population has reportedly jumped from 17000 to the annual 46000 for the summer period and it is still gridlock at the kings hwy/princes hwy roundabout with a steady stream of yogies coming down :evil:
  4. I was more hair-raised by watching that dude crossing the double line to get round those cars while having the others comming head on! :shock:

    Takes balls or is a psycho
  5. nice wide lanes, and there is quite good vision (cant get that from the vid) through there.
    stupid, though.
    it's always a shame when we work there, and control the entire mad mile....seeing as my bike, is, just there :grin:
  6. To be fair, although he was breaking the law, that IS a very wide stretch of road, and in every case (I think) the cars coming the other way were on double lane sections. Not defending him though!

    (I remember trundling along there many years ago and being blown off the road by a mate who was a professional racer, based in Canberra, and he was out for a blast in his DeTomaso Mangusta!!!)
  7. The rider has a fair set of hairy ones :grin:
    I liked the way he pulled the clutch in over a crest just waiting to see what the bike would do under him. Although there was a "moment" on a left hander where he went very close to an oncoming car. :eek:

    Its all fine if you know the road but he's still playing Russian Roulette. :cry:
  8. :eek:
    i was gonna knock him for being soft :shock:
  9. Mate, it looked good for those of us who dont know the road :LOL: :LOL:
    A man of your standing should know :wink:
  10. if thats the road i think it is im pretty sure i saw a marked car the one time i went down it. didnt do much for me at the time, i guess its one of those 150+ plus roads eh? :grin:
    still like said, the "rider" is somewhat well apointed in the nether region. :LOL:
    the bit of road i do like around there is from surf beach to moroya. im looking forward to heading back down that way in late january, a mates got a beach house south of nowra. i can be one of those tourists that pisses you off so much joel :wink:
  11. The section in question is the short stage of the Princes Highway, between Mogo to the south and the outskirts of Bateman's Bay to the north (where the vid ends).

    I can assure you that taking those corners at that sort of speeds on an empty road is some sort of achievement. WITH traffic in both directions, etc, well.......
  12. What part of the vid? :?

    Only part of the clip that looked too close for comfort to me was
    a right hander @ 1.43 where rider & oncoming vehicle were both
    hugging the divider.

    That road looks like a half decent stretch :cool:
  13. he must have meant his other left :LOL:
  14. I'm impressed purely because you hit two hundy - an impossible feat on my 250cc.
  15. Who is YOU?
    The OP states clearly that it isn't him or anyone he knows.
  16. I don't see anything particularly special about that.
  17. Umm errrr yeah my bad. :oops:
    I must rememer to wright L & R on my boots again :LOL:
  18. No worries dood [​IMG]

    I watched the vid again thinking my memory had reached
    an all-time low [​IMG]
  19. I was down at Tuross for five days, and I didn't see a single cop! We drove down to Bega and right up to Mogo a few times and still didn't see any, I was really surprised because the Princes Highway is usually crawling with them :? They must've all been between Mogo and Ulladulla or something... or maybe I'm losing my touch at spotting unmarked cars :shock:
  20. Sorry I just assumed as he said it started from his driveway.
    What a random coincidence! :?