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R1 - CBR900 crash

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Honda Phantom, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. i seen it before but its still good :p
  2. All that road and the guy from behind still manages to wipe out the guy in front.
  3. hate to be the guy in front.....
  4. ewwwwwww
    thats gotta hurt ...... both bikes and wallet
  5. hate to be the guy behind's wallet...
  6. This is why you don't ride with show off wankers!
  7. That was just stupid.
  8. What a knob. :roll:

    This msg is not too short.
  9. imagine explaining that on an insurance claim. Dickhead.
  10. Should've done a headcheck; some extra effort is warranted when stunting or group riding. It was a genuine mistake from both parties, why we're all swearing at em is beyond my grasp....
  11. Check it again matey,he did do a headcheck,just misjudged how fast his mate was going by the looks of things :?
  12. Looked like the first guy was slowing to turn bet he wont ride in front of the other guy again i know i wouldnt
  13. I like it how they both got up quickly and off the road....."she'll be right" :)
  14. Surely brake lights from infront means DON'T pop a mono behind?!

    Ah well... 2 fresh streetfighters / caged stunters ahoy.
  15. "It's only funny till someone gets hurt - and then it's HILARIOUS"
  16. You'd reckon, wouldn't ya?

    As for someone else's comment that both riders are at fault, if that incident occured here in Oz, then no. The following rider is at fault, failing to maintain a safe distance and rear ending the other rider.

    Just like any other crash where someone shunts someone else.
  17. Ouch, wouldn't like to be the guy at the back at all.

    Did any one notice that the front bike looked like he was turning, but did anyone see indicators?
  18. That's a good reason why one should not play stunts with other vehicles around!
  19. Twas a nice rolling stoppy from the second guy...just before impact.