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R1 beats a pushy by only 28 seconds...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by joetdm, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. Sorry if this has been posted...
    Haven't seen it here yet..

    Why in the Tour de Francae many motos struggle to keep up with the pushys down a mountain....
    Entertaining read...


  2. Strikes me that a decent motard might have done a bit better in that environment. Still an interesting result though.
  3. We went for a ride down the GOR a couple of months ago. As we were riding down through Deans Marsh, we came up behind a couple of bikes. Our first thought was "oh crap, now we're gonna be stuck behind them for a while" (tight spot with no over taking). What surprised us was the excellent pace they set. In the end, we just stayed behind them for the next few minutes. It was amazing to watch them going.
  4. I assume that as they were going faster than an R1 the pushy riders were wearing full leathers etc. If not, bloody squids.
  5. I agree a motard or even a 600 or 250/125 2t would of been better.
    But a good read none the less
  6. Would have loved to watch that.
  7. Ask any racer, any real racer. It doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile; winning's winning.
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  8. Yeah, max speed i've seen on my pushy is 80.

    I used to have fun when my commute was manly-milsons point and back, going down spit hill and watching all the cars slow for the speed camera while i'm going 75km/h! And naturally these are the same cars who were so impatient when they had to wait 0.5 of a second to get around me.
  9. i think they should race uphill..
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  10. Funny that some dickless idiot wants to limit bikes to 100 bhp in france.

    "Worth remembering next time you're in the mountains and have a professional time trialist on your heels.

    Also worth considering that the bikes featured are typically tourers fully loaded and often featuring a pilion with a camera. It makes sense that the downhill run is always shot by the chopper cam.

    On the topic of TdF, those riders takes some of the worst cornering lines possible. No wonder so many bin it on the downhill runs.
  11. So what would the difference have been if a journo was on the bicycle and a former elite GP racer on the R1?
  12. SVX550 ridden by a professional racer this time. Who knows how fast/slow the guy on the R1 actually was?
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  13. I dont get the point, it was slower, i bet i can be less than 28s slower than a r1 running over 200m.....so pushbikes must be slower than running.
  14. I love watching tdf, the only sporting event I get more excited about is the fifa world cup. There are a few straight spots at the end of that mountain where the MC rider would have made most of the time difference, if it ended a km or two up the mountain I would have guessed the result would be different.

    Most tdf riders are not great decenders, the sprinters have the best advantage, because they can give much quicker acceleration in the straights. The general classifacation riders generally are too scared of crashing and putting themselves out of the race to take risks. Last year there was a bit of an exception with Cadel and Contador going like madmen down the last hill of the third last stage to gain a bit of an advantage. Though Cadel is a better decender because of his mountain bike routes.
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  15. Nice try, but the full account of this challenge appeared in UK Bike magazine (the motorcycle one) a couple of months ago. The motorcyclist was a former British Superbike Championship competitor and not just some mug journo.
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  16. Awesome stuff. An r1 is far from the best bike for the job but I guess that's partly the point.

    Ive seen some quick cycles going downhill on old road. I've actually seen them being held up by cars and motorbikes (in the 80kph zone) which always makes me laugh.
  17. Awesome article!

    Thanks, great find
  18. Good write up but where is the footage!?