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R1 around the world

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by farawayman, Apr 26, 2005.

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  2. looks like you copied the link incorrectly out of another forum.
  3. well that is impressive
  4. bwahahahahahaha :LOL: :LOL: well done indeed

    i wonder what the for sale ad would look like when he goes to sell it :shock:

    FOR SALE: R1, #### model. clean, reliable, has done more than average miles for the model. well loved $2.50 ono

    :LOL: :LOL:
  5. i think the guy has previously been round the world on another supersports. guess it really doesn't matter what you ride.
  6. "Ahhhh Sven? Ve have zis varrenty claim for an R1, he claims it's a bit hard to schtart in ze vet...hmmm, what is ZIS?? A FISCH in the zorst? Was der Fick??"
  7. hahaha. that is awesome. i think a large majority of people would have trouble doing that on an enduro, let alone a race tuned bike. he's a mechanic right? there was a bit in there where he had the engine in pieces. i guess he'd need to be able to do that going those sort of distances. and so true coconuts. only done 500,000 Ks. clean and tidy bike :p
  8. LMAO! That dude is unreal!
    I love the bit where he starts it up and about a litre of mud comes spurting out the zorst. :D Just flipped through the website and i think he's got sponsership from amongst other people, Yamaha... so that oughta make it a little easier. At one point it looks like he's swapping the gearbox internals with the bike lying on its side.
    I hope this guy makes a full doco style film of it all when he eventually finishes this trip. As for the bike, he should just punt it off to Sumoto when he's finished. ;)
  9. So that's what other people are doing while I'm stuck @ work?? :twisted: :p :LOL:

    WOW! :D

    Makes me wanna hand in my resignation and go do THAT! I wonder how far the zxr250 would make it?? :LOL:
  10. :LOL: :LOL: full marks to that one :D "just like new"
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  12. you lot should get hold of Ewen McGregor's "Long Way Round"


    ive got it only as a divx copy, would love it on dvd ......

    edit : he made comment part the way through, that he will never ride off-road again.
    for those who dont know, he is a road bike rider and a motoGP fan and did the voice over dialogue on the FASTER Documentary.
  13. I ordered it online from Amazon UK. It arrived in 3 days and cost about $30 AUS. SBS have bought the rights to the series and it'll be shown later this year.

  14. Wow. Crazy mofo, but gotta respect that. :)
  15. wat can u say,r1 is also known as a tourer now
  16. makes you wonder if anyone makes a snorkel for a bike!
  17. Impressive....

    Bloody Impressive.... :applause:

    Now he would be a guy to talk to over a few drinks in the pub....

  18. it made me laugh tonight when I meticulously brushed that little peice of crud of the fairing, thinking about this bike throwing it into a mud flat every 5 minutes... I hope he didn't start with a brand newie... what a heartbreaker!