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R1 2005 Gearing.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Ezyrider79, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. So to my second question...

    By going down one tooth in the front and up two in the rear I have been led to believe that this will make my 2005 the 'Wheel Stand King' that the 2003
    R1 is.

    Does this sound correct? I don't want to over do it! :confused:
  2. It will liven it up! I run -1 on my 04 R1 and it's not shy of lifting the front! -1/+2 will be crazy fun.
  3. Thanks Sheppo, I think as crazy as I may be the -1 front may just do the trick then.

    Mate why did you change in gearing. Was it to make lifting the front in higher gears easily or?
  4. I changed the gearing because it helped liven the bike up. The stock gearing is too tall and the motor is pretty flat in the bottom / mid range. The reason the older r1s are so grungy is due to the long stroke motor. The 04 and newer r1s (excluding the big bangs) are short stroke/big bore thus have less torque down low.

    In my opinion, if you wanted a mono machine, you've bought the wrong bike, unless you waken it up with way shorter gearing! Mine lifts under power above 8000 in the first 3 gears with just the -1 up front.
  5. I think this answers my question perfectly! The R1 I had previously was an 03 so it lifted the front just fine but as i get older the 2005 has a lot more room.:rolleyes:

    One last question Sheppo. Did you use a speedo healer of some sort or not worry about?
  6. Yeah I run a speedo healer, fixes up the error in the standard speedo, and I run a taller rear tyre too
  7. Speedo healer and -1 on front..definitely wakes up the beast from its passive 'sleep' down low (y)
  8. Thanks guys, I appreciate the help. :beer:

    One last question. Where is the best place to find firstly the front sprocket in 16 tooth and secondly a speedo healer? Before you say 'local bike shop' I'd like a little choice.
  9. Go to yamaha, and buy a OEM front sprocket off a 2001 R1, as it's 16t standard and has the rubber pad to keep chain noise to a minimum. $41 (from memory), and 20min to change. You'll need a 36mm socket and a rattle gun to get the sprocket nut off.

    The -1 front sprocket is the best bang for buck mod you can do. The bike will feel much easier to get off the line, and it will be nice and perky when you open the throttle.
  10. Sheppo, you're a gentleman and a scholar. Very much appreciated (y)

    Now to find a speedo healer :demon:
  11. Mate,
    I had a front sproket -1 tooth and speedo healer installed on both my bikes, courtesy of Dynoverks, Boronia, Melbourne. If you had no inclination of visiting a large parts retailer/service centre, then perhaps the following may help.

    Firstly, where to buy :
    NB - This is one location. I've bought items from these folks before (family business). They are very friendly, professional and reasonably priced.

    Secondly, more info/installation guide (in addition to the above link) :

    Enjoy (y)
  12. Thanks Knickers330. :cool:

    Now I have the lot I will post up when I have fitted and tested :D

    Thanks again mate, Kudos to you!