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R1 09 yamaha Injectors aren't firing.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by flyindutchie, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,

    so my injectors aren't firing on my yamaha r1 09. Everything else is working fine, but the only time the bike will turn over is if fuel is put into the air box. There isn't any engine mods of any sort.

    Anyone else have a similar issue? a thread i've read is saying that the battery is an issue, but if it's been starting up fine off air box, then shouldn't it be fine to fire the injectors too? I've run the battery in there now off other batterys and it's turned over fine. help!
  2. is it throwing any codes?
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  3. The injectors may be firing but are starved of fuel. If there are no error codes shown with a multimeter measure the voltage across the injectors while you are cranking. Because it is a short burst you won't get a full voltage but you should see some activity. That will prove the electrical part of the circuit.
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  4. Fuel pump / pressure ?
    Blocked fuel filter ?
    Electrical connections ?
    Fuses ?
    Power commander problem ?
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  5. Fuel pump and fuel filter are a ok. Will run through the ec, fuses and pc this week. Thanks for the heads up folks, keep you posted :)
  6. check the fuel tank
  7. just a heads up, spent a quick 15 mins before bed tonight giving it another go after the weekends attempt. no error code is showing, however my oil light has popped on now, which wasn't happening before. the screen just looks at me like im a special person everytime i hit the turnover. oil still has good colour and enough in there. and yes @phil01 there is some fuel sitting in the tank (y)
  8. are you putting it into diagnostics mode to check the codes or just looking at the screen?
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  9. No i didn't, however my newbness aside, found out the seal on the pump assembly was out of place resulting in low fuel pressure. In future will endeavour to run a diag on it instead, might save myself some time!
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  10. as you said, the pressure was an issue :)