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r1 04 NEW BRAKES, where and how much? Done it myself

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by BKN, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just bought a set of front brake pads and rears online, for around 80 bucks. All genuine Yamaha items brand new. Whacked all my brakes on my bike and its as good as new.

    Just wondering how much would this normally cost to do at the shops outta curiousity? A mate told me the brake pads alone are worth nearly 100 each pair.

    Freakin stoked i gave it a shot, im mechanically minded in cars, but meh, bikes seem just as similar.

    Pretty happy with new genuine brakes for under $100. Anyone else done the same?

  2. If anything bikes are easier to work on than cars.
    Time now for some braided brake lines :cool:.
  3. thats an awesome suggestion, im gonna look into it. Get the parts first and install it when i got some free time on my hands.

    Obviously I'd need to rip everything off again, and bleed the brakes etc. dunno if im up for that lol
  4. Bleeding brakes is a good skill to learn. Ideally you should be replacing your brake fluid every 1-2 years, and it's not much more effort to change the lines at the same time.

    Plus, braided lines look good. I buy mine from this place:
  5. well i get front pads for $80/pair, and that's cheaper than retail. so you've done real well getting front and back for $80!

    fit some braided brake lines to the front if you are serious about stopping, as the bike benefits from them greatly.

    my 04 has Hel braided lines front & back, Geniune Yamaha pads front & rear, and Motul brake fluid. I don't suffer any brake fade at the track, riding at my pace (just under 2min around PI).
  6. and can you tell me how braided lines,,,, help the stopping power of the front brake???sounds like crap to me...all they are is a steal braid over the brake hose, to make them look nice,,,,
  7. The force of the lever has to go somewhere. If it's no longer going into making rubber hoses expand where else is it going to go but the caliper.
  8. not sure if i'm feeding a troll here, but...

    OEM rubber brake hoses are made from rubber that is reinforced with what looks like a fiber weave. these hoses expand under pressure, thus some of the pressure coming from the master cylinder (brake lever) is lost. they also give a spongy feel to the brake lever.

    steel braided lines are exactly that. a steel braid with a liner inside to take the brake fluid. these lines do not expand anywhere near the same as a rubber hose... thus almost all the pressure from the master cylinder goes to the brake caliper. they give a MUCH stiffer brake lever with a lot more feel.