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R Speed White Leather Jacket

Discussion in 'Jackets' at netrider.net.au started by chuchu91, Jan 16, 2012.

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  1. Picked up the R-Speed white leather jacket from Goz last weekend and wanted to try it out straight away. However weather did not play in favour of this jacket lately being either wet or hot. However last Thursday it was sunny (23 degree day) and so I decided to take the girlfriend and I down through the Royal National Park and test it out.



    At first glance the jacket looked the part. Stylish, modern and orientated to a sport bike rider. Tried it on and it was a little bigger than what most people would say suit me but I do sometimes wear hoodies during colder weather so the 54 suited me well.

    Got home, had a better look and a second opinion from the girlfriend, we notice that the cut on the R-Speed wasn’t as hugging and as nice as the Alpinestars Tech 1R (my other jacket and what I will be using as a comparison). The foam padding stitched into the leather on the shoulder made it look like I was wearing a box, compared to the external moulded plastic on the a*. This is similar to the elbow and forearm. The armour on the R-Speed seems to be sitting on top of the leather compared to the a* where the leather is stitched onto the armour.

    Left Side.

    I did like the padding around the jacket, giving it a bit of style and sense of extra impact protection.


    Riding through RNP on a cooler day seems to be the perfect weather for this jacket. No real perforation and there for keeping it warm through the cooler parts of the ride. Air does flow through the textile stretch/comfort material that run along the sleeve but that’s the extent of air flow.

    Did ride with the jacket to work a few time and it wasn’t too pleasant due to the lack in airflow. The jacket does get quiet hot on 26+ days, I did getting very sweaty and uncomfortable. I rode with the jacket a little unzipped at the top to get a little more air in.

    The jacket is very light compared to the a*, and therefore being a little more comfortable. The leather was quiet soft from the start compared to the a*, which broke in after a fortnight. Through the RNP I tried to move around and hang off the bike more than needed to test the stretch and movement of the jacket. This has got to be one of the straight points of this jacket, moves extremely well with my body, I could feel the stretch panel working, when I was thinking about it but otherwise could not feel the jacket pinching or any tight spots.

    See next post for image of the stretch panel


    This jacket is suited on the bike, on a good day I could not feel the jacket much and is quiet comfortable. On my naked cb400 and girlfriend’s rvf400 the jacket felt great on both. There is plenty of armour that is placed and sits in the right spots for my body.

    Zippers on the jacket are not the biggest and therefore can be difficult to use with gloves on. Flaps inside from the jackets are not the most well designed either. They can get caught in the zip. Pockets are also hard to access with gloves on due to the recess of the zipper.


    The jacket works well with full gauntlet for example my a* sp2. There is quite a bit of bulk under the glove compared to the a* for those who are more pedantic. I didn’t have a chance to try them with other gloves yet. Don’t tend to like using shorter gloves on leather jackets.

    When compared to the a* the R-Speed feels less refined, the a* has better cut and feel. Leather on the R-Speed good but doesn’t seem as high a quality and thickness as the a*.

    I will also note that I did not ride in cold enough weather to use the thermal lining, however the lining is only a vest. As noted before the only place that does breath on this jacket is the sleeves and there for the thermal liner will not keep your arms warm in warmer weather.

    The another point to the R-Speed is that the rear of the jacket is cut a little longer and therefore stops it from rising as you bend to the crouch position.

    • Comfortable
    • Stretches well
    • Soft leather
    • Good quality zippers
    • Good amount of armour (didn’t get a chance to test how they hold up, don’t want to as much as goz probably would like someone too test out the crashability.)

    • Doesn’t feel as refine
    • Looks like your wearing a box
    • Zippers are hard to access using gloves
    • Flaps behind zippers get caught in zips
    • Front a back of jacket look like blank canvases (plenty of room for logos and brand statements)
    • No 360 zip for pants attachment - cant be used on track

    There probably is room for a jacket like this on the market to be used as more of a 3 season jacket, autumn, winter and spring. This jacket is more suited to the sport bike rider during the colder months with the use of the thermal lining. Used during summer though, like the mistake I did, and you will sweat and feel uncomfortable.

    The selling point of this jacket will be the price. The a* Tech 1R was purchased for $688, you get the name, r&d and street cred associated with a*. If the R-Speed is put on the market at the $550 or below I would defiantly have one as a winter jacket.

    Ps. Haven’t proof read this so if something doesn’t make sense let me know.
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  2. Dude, is your fly un-done?
  3. Some other images


  4. Seriously - is that what you got from the photos and review?
  5. Yep was in a rush by the girlfriend to get ready. My question for you is why are you looking that low on the picture and take the time in commenting haha
  6. I forgot to talk about the lining, it is comfortable but doesnt have the 3d bubble liner or any of that upper market stuff.

    I ll upload a photo of the inside tonight. The photo that i have now is too big to upload
  7. Surely someone was going to see it. I just happened to be the first.
  8. .... review is perfect....
    i just want to let you know that you are comparing my Spider jacket At 329 AUD to th Tech 1 r thats almost the top end of A ... so i'm very happy of the comparison but it doens't work for sure ..the competitor with tech 1 r is my Tracker jacket with perforated leaher 3D Air Mesh ..elastic Kevlar keprote ..that A dont' have absolutly! ..Neoprene Wrist ... back Speed humb Triple stitching ..etc... at 410 AuD....

    my intention with the Speider is to make a very confortable jacket suitable both for high turing and sport riders ... with a bit of fashion with the Embossed R logo on he shoulder pad protectors ... and planty of protectors around that of course reduce a little big performance but increase small impact injuries for a normal use ....for sure is not a racing jacket ... f FROM YOUR REVIEW I SEE THE JOB IS DONE GREAT!

    again ...the jacket is engineerd here with our climate ...and we use it from september to november ..then bike go in the garage ....or change with a winter cordura long 3/4 jacket and then back in april till may or june so here for us there is a long time usage during the season ....if you think ...lining is better full sleeves ...we will do it ..

    360degree connection ...NO!..this is not a full sporty jacket to build a 2 pcs suit!...

    for flaps etc ..well.. is done in that way for a reason ..its too much personal zip hiding in the leather ok i'll work on it..

  9. I wasn't aware of the price point prior to your comment and now with the price it has put it into comparison a little more. Also the tech 1r was the only other leather jacket that i have.

    For a jacket with a price point below $350, it is a very good jacket, and i will reccomend it for anyone looking for a jacket south of the $500 mark.

    I could see that this jacket isnt made for the track so not having a 360 zip isnt the worst thing. One could always be added.

    The sleeve zipper is there i find i have the most trouble with when putting the jacket on in a rush. Here's an example of the sleeve from the tech 1r for a comparison. You can see that the flap goes able and beyond the top of the zip, is not very long but yet covers the zip


    What thickness is the leather used on this jacket was something i wondered?

    Regardless still a very good jacket, not for summer days like i said that i wore it in.
  10. yes yes ii know abotu the sleeves ...etc ...the question is that my manufacturing style looks better as a left direct cutted leather as you see from your photos instead of my that is all flipped ....but i understand with direct cutting you make a flat design ... no problem i change it

    for the flap no problem its an easy adjusment

    thickness is the same as a 1.2 mm

    also the zipper from YKK is the same ...the only difference is the A loog puller ...and mine is standard ....

  11. From the review I'd say at $329 its remarkable value and I'll be looking out for them come the start of winter.

    It is a very very very minor point but when buying I do look at how easy it is to adjust the zipper with gloves on as I often open and close the jacket slightly during a ride - its the closest thing to air conditioning we have - I have threaded some string through the zip pulls in the past but I think anything designed for a rider should take into account the fact the rider will be wearing gloves.
  12. ..... this is why on my other higher level jacket i got vented zipper middle sleeve!

    considering this is a not summer jacket ...of course what not in th project but...... it take easy to add on!

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