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R Speed Full Textile Jacket

Discussion in 'Jackets' started by mav, Jan 17, 2012.

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  1. Appearance

    The jacket looks quality made, and coming from Italy, it should be.

    No outward signs of loose threads, mismatched panels, or cheap material. The stitching is hidden, i.e. no outward seems, and the jacket has minimal lettering / graphics which adds to the style.

    The wrist straps are velcro, with a zipper backing along the wrist. Both of which can be easily accessed with gloves on. The large zipper tabs are a plus, however the velcro straps do nothing to tighten the wrist ends, so if u want a tighter fit on your wrists, buy a smaller size jacket. This wasn't a problem for me because I like to be comfortable in the wrists, not snug.

    The ends of the sleeve are not intrusive on the wrists when riding, and fit under gauntlet gloves just fine. If you do not wear gauntlet gloves, there is minimal exposed skin (sunburn shouldn't be an issue).

    There are two internal pockets (right & left side) on the padded inner lining, and when you remove the lining, voila, there are another two on the lining of the jacket. Good manufacturing foresight.

    The exterior pockets are decent enough in size, and the zippers have a protective flap of quality material I'd assume to prevent water leakage. This seems true as the material of the inner pocket is not textile but more so PVC-esque, something you'd use to make raincoats with.

    The armour is in the usual places, shoulder, upper arm, elbow, back, and ab sculpted chest padding (see pics).

    There is a nice padded ring around the neck with a velcro strap to secure up top.

    However, one thing I did notice while inspecting it is that there is no shoulder ventilation, or mesh material used. Even in the underarms. So I had concerns about how hot i'd get.

    It is also advertised as 100% waterproof, and I'm definately the right person to put this to the test!


    When you pick it up, wow it is light! For a well padded jacket with thick waterproof material, it should be heavier. There is lots of space for the beer-belly when fully zipped up, and does not feel too short in length (waist).

    The wide adjustable (hooray) velcro straps allow tightening or loosening at the waist, and seem to hold fine. You can do a full stretch in either direction without knocking yourself out with the shoulder armour, and there isn't any indication that you are straining the stitching or material.

    The inner lining is attached at 3 points. Two button clips at each wrist (usual), and one continuous zipper that travels from left side > to neck > to right side without interruption, and is a single zip. Another plus. No fiddly bits to navigate when slipping it on and off.

    The lining is also padded, not just a thin slap of leftover material.

    Putting it on, if you are wearing a watch or bracelet, there is a good chance that it will catch on the elbow armour as you slide you arm in, rushed or not. Can be annoying if your in a rush, or if u have to retry for the 4th or 5th time.

    I wore this jacket into a changing room while shopping. I did not experience any difficulties getting it on / off, or moving within the confined space. The jacket obeyed every contortionist movement I attempted, and slipped off with ease.

    However, this is a well-insulated jacket. After 10mins of going it in the change room, i begun to sweat. My forearms sweated the most, and my t-shirt was sticking to me once i got the jacket off.

    The padded ring at the neck is comfortable enough, and non intrusive.

    On the bike, you will hardly notice you are wearing it as it is sooo light. But you will notice it soon enough as there is no ventilation. At all. Even with the zipper half undone, this jacket deflects the wind excellently without the liner.

    Movement on the bike it is good, as previously mentioned, its lightness and flexibility is amazing. You might be hot, but at least it does not weigh you down.

    As there is no ventilation, there is no need for the inner lining other than for extra warmth...or extra pockets! For the Snowy ride, yeap, good thing. For day to day stuff, I doubt you'll ever need the lining. The jacket does an excellent job of wind deflection and keeping you warm.


    In the Australian summer, don't bother.

    In Spring, cooler mornings it will be nice, but come the midday sun, you'll be strapping it to your pillion seat.

    So best save this jacket for Autumn / Winter. Considering we had 10 degree celcius months in Sydney this year, I'd definately have one at home.

    I did mention before that this jacket makes the claim of being 100% waterproof. Haven't been thoroughly able to test this other than a light afternoon shower. It seemed okay, no leakage and it didn't get any heavier (the jacket, not the rain). Looking forward to a thunderstorm or failing that, the missus with a water pressure hose (don't laugh, I will do it).

    At $1.00-ish on the motorway, wind was not an issue, there was no "windsock effect" and I didn't feel uncomfortable at any stage.

    There's good light reflecting strips on it, minimal so that you don't look like a disco ball.

    Comparo vs "Shift" Mesh textile jacket with removable inner lining

    R Speed vs Shift
    Weight +1 vs +1 (its not heavy but the R is lighter)
    Looks +1 vs 0 (army camo print)
    Ventilation 0 vs +1 (shoulder vents and mesh)
    Wind deflect +1 vs 0 (you can really feel it)
    Pockets +1 vs 0 (6 vs 4, R pockets are bigger too)
    Adjustment 0 vs +1 (fully adjustable wrist / waist
    Warmth +1 vs 0 (even with lining in it doesnt compare)
    Waterproof N/A vs 0 (nope, no way)
    Flexibility +1 vs +1
    Inner liner* 0 vs 0 (doesnt deflect wind/cold/rain - what use?)
    Armour +1 vs 0 (the R has a thicker foam back protector)
    Price ?? vs ~$200 AUD

    *Inner liner would be +1 for ease of removal, but since you arent gonna use it much i took the +1 away.

    No pics yet as they are too big (MBs instead of KBs)...stil figuring that out.

    I've had the jacket for 2weeks and the Shift for 1.5yrs
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  2. i will give you the price as soon as i see wich is the jacket you are testing ...thats sinceraly ...i didnt' understand!ahahahaaha its the one with the big R onthe chest??

  3. thanks goz... i suppose was the Basik ...but ...

    ok ...as the name this is our really entry level cordura jacket ... AT 131 AUD!!! maybe adistributor can add 5 or 10 for shipping to australia but at the end it will never be over 150

    of course again i explain that this jacket is engineered for the european climate ...this is a something you normally use here spring march to may from 10 to 20 25 degrees ....

    actually is a really basik textile jacket ....extremly well done ...stylish ..but for sure ...BASIk ...

    we can study a Basik + or basik exteme owith additional ventilation futures and /or mesh function ....

    but ..we have the MIlano summer jacket already with mesh and detachable sleeves multiregulation etc ....at only 141 Aud ..so at least at local shop mot more then 160...

    so.... Price +1 ??? :)

  4. [​IMG]

    Mav should have pointed out that the jacket gives you instant abs (above the beer bellies :)).........great review and looks like a good winter jacket.
  5. i did actually

    beer isnt breakfast dude...:)
  6. what you think ofpossible jacket improvement to extern its life in spring summer??

  7. In that case.....................thats just gay dude, why would you even comment on it :p.......next thing your telling me that your a Peter Andre fan lol.
  8. ventilation, venilation, ventilation.

    it probably won't need all that padding either.

    keep the waterproof material cos it still rains here in summer, even at 30 degrees.

    design it in a way that it keeps the rain off but lets the air in.
  9. i can undrstand you want ventilation .... if you got 30 degree ...no problem you will have it

    of course vents will be zippered

    air in and water off.....its waterproof and breathable membran.... but it must be removable .since they all got a limit on high temp.......

    of course the D4S system on the Vilnius Goz is testing its a great answer to your demand MAV..... we wait for him!
  10. its not just the 30 degree temperatures, its the humidity of summer here or the dry heat when there's no moisture in the air

    removable inner is fine. i'd leave the thick padded one thats there but try and reduce the insulation of the outer shell of the jacket. it's like wearing 2 x pink batts!

    interested to see the result of this D4S system...
  11. the outer layer is standard ....everybody buy the same ...the only material you can use is Mesh to improve permeability...... so this is why .....D4S
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