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ACT 'R prov' options to challenge for exemption?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by spencer111, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, haven't been on here for a while!

    recently moved to the ACT to study, got my L's in August last year in Vic, and upgraded to P's in January (going straight to greens as that's what I was on in my car) so yeah I came down here with my bike on Green P's.

    decided I wanted full car licence recently, so plodded on down to the RTA up here and got them. all indications from my mates down here were that I would get upgraded on both car and bike to full - however they chose to communicate with Vicroads and have dumped me onto 'R provisional' until jan 13, despite putting me on a full car licence.

    I'm wondering if there is any scope for me to challenge this? To gain an exemption to ride bigger bikes?
    Additionally, if I was to go out and buy a non LAMS bike (yep they have LAMS up here as well -_-) would I be able to register it? own it? Naturally I understand there would be consequences if caught riding it (highly likely :p) but yeah can they actually prevent you from owning property in the form of a motorcycle based on your licence?

    - Been riding dirt since I was 10
    - Owned a Monster 659 up from August last year till may this year, rode the shit out of it with no incidents
    - was planning on getting a literplus bike to upgrade, hence the licence change, but now they screwed me.

    Any advice / opinion would be great from anybody who knows the RTA in ACT.

  2. If you havent served the year in victoria I dont like your chances.

    It looks like your mates got you excited about nothing.

    I would pick up a 250 now while its cold and ride it and sell it jan for a profit.
  3. Had another thoight, the lams restriction in the act is only power to weight not cc as well.

    So you can get certain litre bikes. Some of the 1500 cc harleys are even in it.
  4. I bought and owned a R1 on my L's
  5. Straight up, I'm not good at maths. I thought the power:weight restrictions meant like 200kg bike = no more than 40kw...

    So how could own an R1? Or any liter bikes? They have like generally 130+ HP...

    I was upgrading to a Ducati 1198 I was going to buy off a mate - is that legal?

    Thanks all for your responses so far as well.
  6. Its max 660 cc
    Hd is wrong

    I registered a 1100 in sa and i am spose to be on a
  7. You can register a vehicle even without a license.
  8. Not in the ACT.
  9. Oh not a R1 or 1198, needs to be under the power to weight.

    list here

    Scrambler, would be my pick or the big cruisers.

    You don't want a 1198 anyway they are only good for riding to the cafe.
  10. wut? are you in the act? nsw doesn't allow anything over 660cc's.
  11. Check with your RTA place - my mate went to ANU down there and on Greens you don't have any power/weight restrictions, only P1 (red). Double-check, you may be in the clear and not know yet :p Would be funny to see a 'busa or an 1198 on P's
  12. You can buy and register any bike even without a licence as below - BUT you won't get insurance AND if you ride the thing and crash, you're without a valid licence, 3rd party is null and void so it's a risk.....

    When I started out I bought a 96 GSXR750 on my learners but the laws changed to the 150kw/tonne ruling now in place in ACT.

    (not so) Funny story - after the law changed my GSXR was stolen *mutters*.
    Thankfully it was recovered because had it not been, I was going to be forced onto a LAMS legal bike EVEN THOUGH I OWNED the GSXR I couldn't even replace it with the exact same bike...

    Thank christ it was recovered 2 weeks after the incident, insurance fixed it and I was right to legally own, ride it etc....! :)

    Quite correct - about the only thing I'd add is that if you bought a bike from a shop, they will not let you ride away on it if they know about your licence conditions. You can throw it on a trailer/ute, drive around the corner and unload it but you'd be riding 'illegally'.....

    The ruling is 150kw/tonne so makes some Hardley Davidsons Learner legal! LMAO!!!!! :D
  13. I had had a separate bike license for 10 years in Vic and then let it lapse in 1984. I had a full car license, but when I wanted to ride a bike, I had to do the whole learners thing again. L plates then onto a provisional license for a year with all the restrictions except that I didn't have to wear P's because I was over 55. It included size restrictions on my bike as well. Fortunately my restrictions ended last Friday.
  14. Incorrect. I was able to register and insure a motorcycle without a license. But I don't think you can claim any accidents until you get a license if the claim is caused by riding unlicensed (if it's stolen you can claim for example).
  15. Thanks for all the reply guys, it's been useful.

    Yeah I understand the greens thing - it was weird. Cause I was on my greens str8 away in Vic, due to having my car license for over 2 years. So yeah went str8 to greens in Vic, despite only 5 months with rider license - NEK minnut down here they make me do the actual proper time, so until Jan next year.

    However I've decided I'm going to get a bike outside restrictions - buy in Vic n sneakily ride back to Canberra. I think as long as I don't do any dumb / heat seeking stuff on it, I'll avoid the cops. My record is crystal clear anyhow, so hopefully if any cop does a random pullover he will take mercy on me haha. As far as I know it's a 3-demerit-point-$300-fine-slap-on-the-wrist penalty anyhow, which if that happened ill just garage the bike till next Jan like a good rider.

    Once again thanks guys, it's been good to hear your various opinions and experiences, ride safe :)

  16. Be aware if you get caught the bike won't be going anywhere as you won't be allowed to ride it away. Could be left in the middle of nowhere for quite some time until you organise a tow etc.
  17. Couldn't have just stayed on your vic licence till the end of restrictions?
  18. He is restricted down there, he was just fooled by his friends into thinking hat somehow changing states made the restriction go away.
  19. **** so many people with no experience of the ACT process talking out of their ****ing asses.

    1. In the ACT the period for lams RESTRICTION is L's for three months, then 12 months on Red Ps, then you can buy any bike you want. You will still be on a P license, but you WONT be restricted. Generally you will also do the P-OFF course after one year, and gain more demerit points (total of 8) and will be absolved of the requirement to affix a p plate. But, you will still be on P's, your license will still be pink. But you can ride whatever you want for the remaining 18 months or so.

    2. There is NO capacity limit in the ACT, you can get a lot of big cruisers. However the power to weight limit is the same and so just because you have 1300cc you will not be going all that fast. There are a few fast bikes you can get in the ACT that you cant get elsewhere, you can do this research yourself by calculating power to weight figures.

    3. No it is not a slap on the wrist for riding a non lams bike, it is a large fine and a suspension and you will be walking from where ever your caught, and you WILL be caught as all cop cars in the ACT and NSW are fitted with ANPR that will inform any cop car that comes behind you that your on a bike your not allowed to ride in less then 5 seconds. You are then ****ed mate. They wont ****ing look at your record and let you off? how stupid are you, you record is ****ing like 2 years long, wow you didnt stuff up for two years in front of a cop car? what an achievement, the only time your getting any ****ing discretion is when you have been driving for ****ing decades cleanly.

    4.If you crash you have no insurance for yourself, or anything or anyone else. Think about the gravity of that you idiot. I hope you're at UC or CIT because you sound like a ****ing idiot and i would hate to think that my old university the ANU would let someone of that level of mental capacity into their institution.

    5. I dont care what Takamii rode, doesn't change the facts.

    6. Canberra connect has made no mistake on your license, you must wait 12 months on reds to become unrestricted, hence in jan 2013, one year after you did your Victorian MOST test, you will be issued an unrestricted license. I dont understand why you think they have wronged you, Does the period of JAN 12 to JAN 13 sound like more than one year to you mate?

    Canberra has the most relaxed provisional restrictions for cars and bikes in australia, just ****ing cop the next six months on a normal lams bike then buy whatever you want when you get off your restricted period.

    Seriously mate, pull your head in.

    Sincerely toadcats mate from ANU.

    EDIT: BAHAHAHA you think your going to ride a non lamser up from vic to canberra? I hope you like walking mate. You will be pinged before your even close to the border.

    Double EDIT: i have a mate who bought an R1 on his lams, he is currently suffering a 9 year disqualified license, Just consider that when you read stories like takamiis of people who slipped through the net.
  20. Toadcat hit the nail on the head, you would be a walking example of Dumb and Dumbest if you do what you are proposing.
    Scenario 1. You make a small error of judgement and run into the back of a Lamborghini. Unless you're filthy rich your gonna be filthy poor.
    Scenario 2. A kid pops out betweenn2 parked cars and you run over it, not your fault you say, no one will care, you will be the one they make an example of .
    Sound good so far?
    If so go for it, good chance we won't be hearing from you again.