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QLD R (non-LAMS) bike riding on RE licence

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Lumoto, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. On the DOMRAT (Queensland Transport) website there is a rule that says:

    "The no alcohol limit also applies if you are learning to ride an R motorcycle on your class RE licence."

    What this says to me is that you may ride an R motorcycle on an RE licence as a learner - but it does not specify whether there are conditions to that apart from being 0.00 BAC.

    Does it require being supervised by an R class motorcyclist? It seems to be implied by saying the activity is as a "learner".

  2. Somebody from QLD may have an answer, what I suggest you do for a definetive answer is contact Qld Transport.
  3. I don't know for 100% certain (why are the laws so vague) but my understanding is this:
    - You can ride the R class bike on your RE license once you've held your RE for 12 months.
    - You must wear an L plate and be supervised by an R class licensed rider
    - Presumably other learner conditions apply such as not being able to pillion
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  4. The way I read it is: If you're on your RE opens and away from restrictions, 0.05 BAC applies. If you are on your RE opens, but are riding an R bike whilst learning to ride R's, you need to be 0.00 BAC.
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  5. This interpretation is correct. If riding a non-LAMS bike on a RE licence, you must abide by all learner conditions.
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