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R.I.P Pete The Freak's Spada

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pete the freak, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    It is with deep sorrow and regret that we say goodbye to the Spada affectionately known as "Got Any Blacker?". Earlier this week I received a call form Allianz confirming my worst fears. My Spada has been [GASP] written off!

    Got Any Blacker?

    She will be fondly remembered by all who knew her, and sorely missed by those that loved her. :(

    The body will be interred in my Mausoleum (garage) until such time as medical science has found a cure for being totaled in a crash.

    Donations for the memorial fund can be sent directly to me... 8)

    Don't worry though folks, plans are already afoot to get back on a bike, and hopefully you'll see me fangin' around the streets on a new beast soon. (After the appropriate grieving period of course...)

    Thanks and respect to all who sent their best wishes to my Spada throughout this difficult period.

  2. May she rest in pieces :(

    Paypal setup for donations?
  3. :-({|= That's very sad Pete and I'm sorry for your loss.

    I assume you'll be getting back sufficient $$ from the insurance co?
  4. PM me and I'll send you by Swiss Bank Account Details... :LOL:

    Flash, they gave me $2500, not much at all really. But what can you do?
  5. Enuff for a repair? Streetfighter style mabbee?
  6. That sucks but I suppose it's a good excuse to get a new bike.

    When are you off restrictions because I imagine it would be awfully tempting to twiddle thumbs a while and then upgrade?
  7. Funny you should mention that actually. LLoyd Penn Motorcycles offered me $500 for the Spada as scrap, btu I think I'll just take it home and leave it in the garage as my 'project bike'.

    The truly bizarre thing is the day after I find out I'm getting $2500 for the write off, I get on to Netrider and see this post:


    So I'm thinking, for once, God isn't gonna be a b*@th to me, and actually give me a bit of a break.

    Should be a nice transition too, the NTV looks like the big brother of the Spada...
  8. Wrong colour though :p
  9. Maybe he should sue the other driver foir every cent she has and then some.

    :p :p :p :twisted: :twisted: :shock: :shock:
  10. I suggested that in post the other day and got the bejesus flamed outta me...

    Now that I've found out how much I'm getting for it, I am seriously considering the legal avenues...

    I really just want to get back on a bike, it's been over two months now and I'm horny as hell... :?

    Who wants to lend me their bike for a few days? I won't break it, I promise... 8)
  11. $2500 is bullshit. Your bike's market value is at least $3000. Where do they get off with giving you $2500?
  12. Apparently that's the way it goes. The offer from the Insurance Co is non-negotiable. Gayness!!! Super gayness!!! At least I've convinced them to pay for all my ruined gear though, gonna get a new helmet, new gloves, new cordura pants & jacket... It's not all bad.

    If I can pick up this Revere I'm looking at for $2500 then I think it'll all work out alright.... It's like I've upgraded from a 250 to a 650 for free...
  13. Don't let them get away with that, write a letter complaining about being short changed and see if they don't up the payout a bit. Mate did it without any problems and they paid out an extra 20%.
  14. Thanks Matt, I'll give it a go. I actually had a rather long discussion with the assessor who quoted Redbook and all sorts of other crap at me...

    I suppose there can be no harm im writing a letter, the worst that can happen is that they'll say no...

    Then I'll take them to court... :twisted:
  15. I can sympathise with the need to ride, I just had the engine rebuilt and it was a long and frustrating 8 weeks. then another 3 weeks of taking it easy for the parts to bed in. After the oil change this weekend i'll probably kill myself getting the last of the frustration cleared :) Go the 650 mate you'll love it.
  16. That's what I'm hoping...
  17. Now that you're getting reamed you've got my full support in taking her to court.

    FYI, after sitting in court the other day, the magistrates do _not_ take redbook as an indication of price. As the magistrate said, it doesn't take into account vehicle condition, km's on clock etc. Redbook includes sales of _damaged_ vehicles in working out it's average.

    You are legally allowed to claim all costs to put you in the situation you were before the accident.

    On the other hand, Spada's worth about 3k. If they are allowing you to keep the bike (and as wreck it's worth $500) & they are paying you 2.5k, ain't you even?
  18. Funny, I was actually thinking of cutting up what few bits of plastic the Spada does have and go for a real 'Post-apocalyptic Mad Max' style of thing. I've seen a website where a guy has dropped a 500cc Single Honda engine into a Spada frame... That could be a bit of an adventure...

    Oh, and Kaer, change you sig, you make me look bad... :x
  19. BTW, if Lloyd Penn took a look at the wreck, he give you a rough indication of how much it'd cost to fix her up? And what the exact damge list is?

    There's enough Spada's at wreckers around Sydney to be able to source lots of spares, and Laurie Anderton (think that's his name, I'd have to check), does frame repairs/wheel straightenings.