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R.I.P. Matt McMillan #121

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Johnny O, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. To my friend Matt who just lost his life racing at Phillip Island, you were on 'pole' for the race, you went out the way the rest of us racers hope to go; on the track.

    You were a fantastic guy, always a smile and a helping hand for everyone, you will be missed so much by your family, friends and racing community.

    John :-(

  2. condolences Johnny O, and all Matts family and friends. R.I.P
  3. My condolences Johnny
  4. I never knew the guy..but I'll raise a glass with you as you remember the good times.
  5. Horrible news, condolences and thoughts to his family and friends.
  6. My condolences to all who knew matt, always sad to hear
  7. Sad news Johnny, condolences to his family but also to you, it can't be easy to see a mate go like that. I see Hartwell have placed a similar announcement on their site There is a place to leave messages if anybody wishes.
  8. RIP to Matt
  9. This is just so sad.
  10. Bugger :( RIP
  11. Always such a tragedy. Thoughts are with you, your mate and his family.
  12. sad news for his family, his loved ones and motorcycling in general .....
  13. My thoughts are with his friends and family
  14. Sorry you lost your mate, John. :-(
  15. These are the sort of posts we never want to see....

    R.I.P. Matt....
  16. matty,
    a very special lovely person.
    how can I ever forget that smile?
    his talk ..... you have your sad face on.... then his smile....
    his written words... so polite, but you could read his smile.
  17. The service this morning was beautiful.
    Thanks to all who made it happen.
    It was so nice to see all the people from the road racing community and netrider, who came together, to support each other, the family and his many, many friends and celebrate Matt's life.
    All of us who knew Matt will never forget him, especially his smile and his wonderful ability to make us all smile.........Then go out on the race track and be on pole!
  18. Just turned 26 :-(. That sucks.