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R.I.P Malcolm Douglas

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by undii, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. Malcolm Douglas killed in car crash

    From http://www.watoday.com.au/wa-news/malcolm-douglas-killed-in-car-crash-20100923-15nt7.html

    Broome crocodile expert Malcolm Douglas has been killed in a car crash on his property in far north WA.

    It is understood the renowned crocodile farmer, who was the original "crocodile hunter" before Steve Irwin made the term fashionable, hit a tree while driving in his car this morning.

    WA police reported that a vehicle crashed into a tree on Mr Douglas' property at 6.29am today WST.

    Police would not confirm the identity of the occupant as next of kin were still being notified, but sources close to Mr Douglas confirmed he was in the vehicle when it crashed.

    Mr Douglas was one of Australia's foremost crocodile experts. His Broome crocodile farm was opened in 1983 and has become an international tourist attraction.

    The farm was used as a place for people to interact with crocodiles, but also push Mr Douglas' core message of the importance of conservation. The facility also acted as one of the country's biggest crocodile farms, producing meat and skin for the commercial trade as a way to protect the population in the wild.

    The farm made national headlines in July when a drunk man jumped into the enclosure of one of the biggest crocodiles, a male called "fatso". He attempted to ride the reptile before being attacked, but he was fortunate to escape with a bite to the leg.

    Mr Douglas also operated a wilderness reserve on his Broome property, which incorporates an animal refuge to preserve endangered species.

    But he made a name for himself on the small screen as one of Australia's most famous bushmen.

    His first film, Across the Top, was borne out of a six-month trip around Australia with a mate in 1964. It was a massive success when broadcast on television.

    Mr Douglas has made more than 50 documentaries and films and became known by the moniker of the "Barefoot Bushman".

    In his later years he underwent surgery after being diagnosed with prostate cancer, an experience he said gave him a new perspective on life.

    "It changes your attitude too," he told the ABC back in 2004.

    "You try and remain calmer. You try and appreciate life. You appreciate every day, you know? Because, from now on, I could have been dead, and I'm, you know...I'm still kickin'."

    Mr Douglas started out his career as a professional crocodile hunter back in the 1960s, but soon changed his tune to dedicate his life to saving the massive reptiles.

    "See, I was a professional crocodile hunter when I travelled around Australia," he told the ABC. "But I was one of the first to think, 'This is not right'. All these crocs here, if I didn't put them in a captive situation, they'd be shot.

    "Now, in a perfect world, I should not have any crocodiles here. They should all be out there in the Kimberley, swimming around. But people and crocodiles don't mix."


    Always will have my respect for the entertainment he has given myself and my family (parents) back in the day
  2. Damn. It's because of him I wanna eat a witchity grub at some point... RIP bush dude.
  3. One of the "true" bushmen, not a media invention.
  4. RIP Malcolm a legend through and through.
  5. A lot of knowledge went with him, what a shame he's gone, he was good to watch
  6. I grew up watching his documentaries of him exploring and always seemingly catching a big barra in the kimberly.
    He was a true personality, not a media creation it is a sad loss
  7. they just showed footage of his (barely damaged) vehicle; strange to believe he died in the crash :?
  8. I hope this means we will see a few replays of some of his doco's on the idiot box. Sad way for it to happen though. RIP
  9. Next Wed a special is on chan 7
  10. ABC reported that he wasn't actually in the vehicle but was trapped between it and (I think) a wall. Puts a rather different perspective on it.
  11. used to watch his stuff as a kid, loved it. true bushman, rip
  12. RIP Malcolm Douglas. He was an inspiration to me when I was a kid...