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R.I.P Kwaka

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Beza, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. This is the one part of the forum I hoped I'd never have to add a story to unfortunately I had my first off yesterday.

    I got some new BT45's last week and figured I'd go for a spin out Broadford way to wear them in and to check out how long it would take me to get there for my course next month. Then head back to melbs down through Flowerdale and some nice little twisties to finsih off my day.

    Everything was going well accept for a bit of rain along the way. I got to Broadford and had a look around then off I went down Strath Creek rd for a bit of fun.

    Knowing my tyres were new I decided to take it easy in the corners and all was going well until I got about half way down near Murchison Gap taking a right hander and for what ever reason I decided to look down at my speed, looked up and noticed I was a little wide.

    No problems I thought, I wasn't speeding. Looked towards my exit leaned the bike in everything felt good until the bike decided to go out from under me.

    So down I went along with the bike off the road and landed in a nice ditch full of jagged rocks then Kwaka decided to land on top of me.


    I managed to get the bike off my chest and out from under it (mad bench press skills) and a car rocked up - perfect timing.

    The guy helped my push it out of the ditch, checked to see if I was okay and gave me some directions as to where I was.


    A few phone calls later I found a towy to come and pick me and the bike up.

    Broadford Auto Salvage, good bloke. Rekons he gets at least one bike a week on the same corner, more in summer especailly after people ride home from a day at the track.


    He dropped me off at the pub across from Broadfor train station where I spent the next few hours chatting to the locals and drinking some beer to make up for when the adrenalin rush wore off.

    The bar man shouted me a beer and offered me a ride back in to Melbourne when his shift finished, good bloke too.

    Ended up calling my mate who funnily enough was doing his L's at Calder to come pick me up after he was done.

    I got home a bit worse for wear bruises here and there but the gear did it's job. Best coin I'v ever spent. Helmets cracked, draggins all muddy with some holes in the knees but it didn't go through the kevlar.


    So my leaft shoulder is sore and stiff this morning long with my right wrist, gonna pay the doc a visit tomorrow. I've got a few cuts along my knees and shins. If I wans't wearing boots I don't think I would have walked away.

    My backs got a cut here and there from the rocks I landed on but all in all I came away okay. ATGATT for life.



    Surprisingly I wasn't angry about it, kinda releived as I figured it was always going to happen one day. Kinda like I got it over and done with. I'm just glad I walked away with no broken bones.

    And the real culprit to why I came undone - oil


    Now it's in the hands of insurance and hopefully I get to go shopping for a new bike :)

    So do I stick with the kwaka or try something else. 9 months left until I can get a 600.
  2. Terrible news hearing when anybody goes off the bike, but wow what commitment throwing yourself on the jagged rocks and cushioning your bikes fall :LOL:
  3. Really glad to hear you're OK. That could've been really nasty by the look of it.

    Stick with the Ninja :)
  4. Good to hear you didn't hurt yourself too badly. :)
  5. Yer the things we do for the ones we love :)
  6. Glad you were wearing the gear...looks like it's saved you some additional pain. Hope you heal up quick.
  7. Wow, with a crack like that in your helmet I would be going off to the hospital to get your head checked out as that's quite an impact to the head. Glad you're feeling ok though and the oil and the wet road look rather crap. Hope all goes well with the recovery and the insurance/ Just out of curiosity, who are you insured with?
  8. if you like the Kawa, get another one :)

    good advertisement for gear, and, as noted already, committment :LOL:

    you've got more brains (though obviously less money) than the idiot I saw yesterday riding a BMW S1000RR in a hoodie, cargos and slippers, and no gloves (natch) :roll:
  9. Challenging set of corners in the dry, let alone wet, let alone wet and oil!

    As for the new bike, I reckon you need to buy one soon rather than in nine months, in order to continue your journey on the learning curve. Look for something with high resale, and perhaps without fairings, e.g. CB400 or XJ6N. I scratched up my right-hand side fairing just after getting my p-plates, and Kawasaki wanted $500 for a replacement. :shock:
  10. I'll be getting a new one right away...well as soon as insurance is sorted. If I don't get a kwaka I was looking at a FZ6R although still not sure yet.

    @Quo Vadas I'm with Swann
  11. the Fz6 is LAMS approved?
  12. Sucks about the crash, glad you are ok. As for that crack... what type of helmet do you have and do you know how fast you were going?
  13. @hornet There's a LAMS approved version

    @Deadst the crack isn't as bad as it looks, it's kinda like a fairing attached to the helmet that cracked. Although I will be getting a new one
  14. The FZ6R is actually a XJ6 with a full fairing. Marketing BS.
  15. What brand is that helmet? thats a bit concerning looking at those pics for a low speed off
  16. Mate .. glad you're ok .. You will hear this a lot .. but any crash you walk away from is a good one ... shame about the Kwaka .. they are a nice little unit.
  17. Helmets a OGK FF5. It's just the back bit that cracked not the actuak helmet itself if that makes sense?

    Happened when I hit the rocks.
  18. Bike drop and related bits = BAD!
    ATGATT & walk (limp) away = GOOD!
    Definitely get the doctor to give you a good look over as I'm not alone when talking from experience that little things like cracked ribs can hide themselves, my wish though is that you don't have any breaks as they can be more painful than you imagine.
    Good luck with the insurance claim and best wishes for the shopping trip.
  19. Good to hear your okay mate, Hey whats actually damaged on the bike, other then the obvious? I don't see any of its vitals on the fairing.
  20. Argh! Sorry about the off and such a shame to see the bike crunched. But, I've seen rocks like that tear people to pieces, and you largely avoided that sorry tale.
    Goof bike hunting :)