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R.I.P. GSX1400..confirmed

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Drew, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. EDIT: yep she's dead. $9000+ to fix. Shopping time

    lowsided this morning into some armco just out of Broadford while travelling 2up with Sall .

    We are OK but Sally has some stitches on her knee...will get to that in a minute.

    Rear tyre slid on some gravel and down we went in a hairpin bend...bike went into the armco, we slid down the road.

    Had an ride in the blood wagon back to Northern Hospital in Epping. Spent most of the day in the Emergency Dept.

    Full extent of damage to the bike unknown, but this at least:

    Instrument cluster completly written off
    Handlebars look like a pretzel in a twist
    LH engine cover is bent
    Engine bottom casing has a nice large hole in it....broke the mounting bolt out where the side cover got bent
    Tank dented and severly scratched up
    Rear brake lever is crushed
    Both levers and mounting units are bent...this is also the brake and clutch reservoirs
    Front guard very scratched

    not sure yet if this is going to be a repair or a write off...she's only 8 month old :(

    The really bad...

    Sall's kevlar jeans performed below par, the denim and kevlar both ripped on impact with the road resulting in a gash on her knee (3 stitches)

    Rest of the gear did its job...going to need new helmets for both and an assortment of jackets, pants etc.
  2. Sorry to hear about your accident.
    Hope it all works out well for you both.

    I'd be writing a few letters/emails about the kevlar jeans though. If they are not safe then they shouldn't be on the market.
  3. Thanks mate, bit sore now but i think we'll be right.

    Letters already being worked on... took photos at the scene and afterwards. Not happy though.
  4. Hope for a quick recovery mate.

    I saw an Ambulance heading towards Broadford...but I was in Epping so I'm not sure if they had to travel the distance to get to you guys...

    Anywho, hope everything gets sorted quickly and bummer about the Kevlar jeans :?

    phong =P~
  5. Most importantly, (not to minimise Sally's injuries) how is your leg???

    Sorry to hear this, mate, if you need any assistance, give us a call.
  6. Thanks Hornet,

    My leg is fine... slight bruising on the right thigh but otherwise fine.

    Sall got the worst of it.

    I think we should be ok ... good thing its a long weekend here, gives us an extra day to get sorted before heading back to work.
  7. what brand and type of kevlar jeans was she wearing?
  8. Sorry about the accident, it's shit and I feel for you both.

    I think the thing with kevlar jeans is that armour is absolutely required. Even if the jeans don't tear, the skin can still tear or be punctured. Armour is my next purchase.

    The good thing (if it is possible) is that the most damaged thing is an object that is easily repaired or replaced. People, for all our skills and advances still tend to crash really badly.

    Good luck and I hope you all heal well.
  9. Horrible bloody news Drew.........hope you and yours are OK matey...

    Shame about the bike but you can replace them, good people like you though arent thick on the ground so look after yourself.

    Get well soon,
  10. Oh no, that horrible. I remember riding with my brother and he came off on a hairpin out of Broadford on the Broadford Strath Creek road. Horrible feeling.

  11. That sound like about the same place we were.

    Cejay, i agree.. armour for Sall was the next on the shopping list, ive already got some and it saved my knees today.

    I'm not going to mention brands just jet...want to talk to them first.
  12. Hey Drew, sorry to hear about the off mate. Hope you and Sall recover quick and the insurance sorts itself out soon.
  13. Oh no , bloody bad luck.
    Glad you and Sally arent to banged up .
    what a bummer,hope everything works out okay.
  14. Most insurance policies will give you a new bike if the damage is done with 1-2 years of first registration?

    Good luck getting everything sorted. This reminded me to get some cheap knee armour to put inside my pants.
  15. Sorry to hear about the off mate, the main thing is both of you are alright.

    I'm hoping the brand of kevlar jeans isn't the ones i mentioned about a month ago.... 2-3 week old pair of kevlar jeans and he just ducked under a rail while walking and they split right up the thigh. Would be absolutely useless in a crash. They replaced them right away but who'd ever feel safe in them again?
  16. Sorry to hear about the crash, Drew.

    Hope Sall's knee doesn't take to long to heal. Bad news about the bike but the main thing is that you two are not too badly hurt.

    Will be interested to hear what happens about the jeans though. If the kevlar burst/tore I suspect the manafacturer may replace them but as DRMAT says, it shakes your trust in their ability to protect.
  17. I have never had faith in Kevlar jeans. I have Cordura type pants with padding around the hips and big knee guards.

    Drew was it on the steep hill with the really bad hairpins on the Strath Creek road? I scared myself on it, I nearly went into the armco barrier going down it, with gravel on the road and myself being unfamiliar with the road I would have been a gona.
  18. Sorry to hear matey, good news is the bandaid's are in the cupboard and you can live to laugh another day :p .
  19. Sounds like you had a rough day, Drew.
    Hope you all heal well.
  20. Yeah that sound like the spot... was t e last one too afthe that it opens up a bit.

    I'd jusy got knee armour at the last Bike Mart nights. was going to get Sall some too next payday.

    Phongus... that would have been for us.. the Ambulance was based at The Northern Hospital. Top job they did too.