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R.I.P Don Adams

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by doonx, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. Maxwell Smart has gone to the big cone of silence in the sky.

    RIP Don :(

    A fantastic character that will (and should) live on for many more years.

    The episode in the court room scene with Max wearing the Chicken suit :LOL::LOL::LOL:, then the KAOS agent realises that Max has caught him out with the line "I recognise that man, it's Maxwell Smart !!!" - all of course while wearing the chicken suit.... The KAOS agent pulls a gun (in a courtroom - where's the security ?!?!) and says "Very good Mr Smart, but not good enough" and jumps out of the window to a waiting truck. They all rush to the window, of course Max turns to the courtroom and says his famous line :

    "Missed, by that much ......."
  2. well how abou the movie "The Nude Bomb" actually got that on tape, might put that up on ebay now, can make a fortune
  3. Not many people know that Get Smart was written by Mel Brooks.

    Great show. Great Character.

  4. Yep agree Doonks, Maxwell Smart was a great character. I loved watching Get Smart when I was a kid.

    :D :D
  5. He was Inspector Gadget too wasn't he?
  6. yes he did the voice
  7. haha i remember get smart from when i was younger i loved it

  8. RIP Agent 86.

    Viva la battle between Kaos and Control.
  9. Respect

  10. man 99 was hot!

  11. See you later Max..... We will watch you again on re-runs amd enjoy you time and time again.

    And, one day, we will all meet again and share stories around the big campfire in the sky.

    The loss of a comic genious.

  12. One of my favourite characters.
    The upside of this is we may get to see some repeats now hopefully.
    Though they didn't when gilligan passed away not long ago.
  13. "I find that Hard to Believe!!!......" :p :p

    I have many fond memories of both 'Get Smart & Inspector Gadget' and have quoted both Characters on May occations..... "Or would you believe every now and again?..." :? :?

    May his memory live on in Endless Reruns!!! :D :D :D

    How old was he?

    and does anyone know if 99 is still alive?
  14. Yeah, it was a great show & he will be sadly missed. He was 82 I believe, or so they said on the news this morning... I'm assuming 99 is still alive?
  15. 99 is still kicking mate
  16. her name is Barbara Feldon
  17. dododododod inspector gadget dundhun duhn do do
  18. Id like to see the series come out on DVD. Imagine being able to watch the entire series one after the other. A Get Smart athon.

    They just dont make that stuff anymore, now its all reality crap.
  19. he really isnt dead they "missed him by that much " :LOL:
  20. RIP Indeed, Mel Brooks and Don Adams together, classic comedy :D :cry:

    Favourite line: Max tells 99 how sad he is that Agent 43 has died. 99 replies "You're worth two 43s, 86!!!" :LOL: :LOL: