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R.I.P DM-0

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by vic, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. Well it finally went boom :(

    My pc is officially dead.

    It was on the way out and now the HDD is r()()ted :(

    I have tried to repair it using the winblows expee cd but to no avail :(

    I tried dropping Kubuntu over the top to see if that will help, alas, no.

    May it rest in piece in silicone heaven. So long my love, it was a great 5 years, you will be missed. You took everything so slowly, you were never in a rush to do anything and you spend ages giving me the fcuken shits, go on, piss off, you're OUT!!!!!!

    Got him, yes, gone, nice one max :p

  2. good old ripe age, 5 years! I think the longest my 'main pc' has been is 2 years before upgrading. At least dual core CPUs are cheap as now. E6400 + 2gb ram + mobo is about the price of a good CPU was 1 year ago by itself. Good time to upgrade except that that DX10 is due early 07 so that means video card changes for people who love bleeding edge
  3. lol, I just bought my dad a new computer, seems the Pentium 1-100 that he has been using for over ten years was just giving me the shits.

    The main comment he has made so far is that "the new one is just so much faster" :)
  4. Can I recommend some therapy? I have found that dropping dead electronic equipment that's been giving you the shits, from a second storey or higher balcony is fantastic! It really has to be experienced.
    Of course, have a friend ensure no one can/is about to walk under drop zone!

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Our neighbourhood has a solid rubbish collection coming up, so there's crap all over the nature strips and the white van brigade have been circling.

    What interests me is that the guys in the vans will take all sorts of absolute trash from people's nature strips (we lost a rusty old wheelbarrow with a missing handle), but they don't ever take PCs, monitors or TVs, no matter how good they look. You literally can't give them away.

    Or old exercise bikes. The buggers are everywhere. :LOL:
  6. What happened?

    Physical disk crash or something else?
  7. The home PC is a bit of a grandpa's axe in that it had a CD burner added, then the PS shat itself (lots of smoke & burning smell, lucky I was sitting in front of it at the time) so instead of buying a new PS went out and got a new bigger case (with bigger cap PS) and transferred the ancillary items over.

    Next step is chuck in a new Motherboard followed by a DVD burner & bigger HDD (only 20Gb at present) as funding permits.

    Mind you the work laptop was just replaced with a Toshiba Tecra A3X with a DVD burner, partitioned 60Gb HDD*, wireless card, docking station, keyboard & mouse. The only thing which hasn't arrived is the 17" LCD monitor.

    * Most of our file storage is done using USB HDD's or Network drives, I only keep personal & pst files on the my HDD.
  8. Yeah, the master HDD started thrashing about and wouldnt boot. It's half readable but I thought I could do with a new pc.

    This one is just a tad quicker ;)