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R.I.P David Bowie

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Archer, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. I don't often post things like this, but I think it's required on a legend such of this.
    My partner and I grew up with his music and I think it's worth noting his impact on us and the perhaps give the forum members a place to have their say.
    I'd say more... but I guess it's shock more than anything that's got me speechless.

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  2. Much respect for him

    Heroes, Life on Mars, Starman, Space Oddity are my faves

    Farewell Ziggy, you made the world a more interesting place for sure
  3. Now watching The Labyrinth...
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  4. im having a wristy
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    RIP David Bowie

    A true individual in a sea of sameness
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  6. I guess I'll be listening to "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust" soon, and definitely some Marc Bolan, Mott the Hoople etc. over the next few days.

    A very sad day. Vale David Bowie.
  7. The girl and I were just discussing how we were going to break the news to our 5 y.o. son. All the rocket ship toys and lego astronauts in the house are called Major Tom. He's gonna be gutted.
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  8. Sad, Jeffco nailed it.
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  9. Double j are playing David all night channel 200 on digital radio and tv,diamond dogs was one of my faves
  10. China Girl is one of my all time favourite pop songs (y)
    David was one of the highlights of Live Aid, especially when he sang 'Heroes' ....one of a kind and a genius and he will be missed.
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  11. I usually get anoyed when someone dies and people try to re-invent their reality, to build them up greater that they were. With Bowie that is almost impossible to do. I am a fan, but not a huge one. Never-the-less, I struggle to think of anyone who has died in recent years that has had the same level of influence on music and popular culture in general.
  12. There was a great quote I recently saw on Bowie.

    "In the 90's Bowie copped a lot of criticism for his out there experimental music. Moving forward 20 years, these days the man could play spoons on a record and be hailed a musical genius."

    I'm not a massive fan of all his work, but I think to truly be pushing the limits and to find the nuggets of gold you need to produce some crap here and there.

    The Labyrinth was great. Recently watched the Dark Crystal with my kids which freaked them right out.
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  13. Micheal Jackson?
    Err maybe not.
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    The man may have gone, but his personality lives on in his music.
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  15. Definitly not. Jackson is a good example of when people carried on too much after he died. Compared to Bowie, Jackson was an 80's flash in the pan and thereafter an ambarassing news headline.
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  16. Being slightly younger than some of you guys, I was first exposed to Bowie through Oustide in 1995 (I knew who he was of course and knew the "classics"). I quickly found I had to work my way back through all his stuff. He has been one of my favourite artists since then and since I found out last night that he had passed, I have felt pretty down... odd really since I didn't know him personally. I thought he'd live forever.
  17. He will live on forever, or at least at lot longer than that little Justin Bieber fcuk
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  18. please remove that foul language from this thread... and no, I don't mean 'He will live on forever, or at least a lot longer than that little' or 'fcuk'.

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  19. ** site's playing funny buggers again ,....
  20. Sadly we bandy the word 'genius' around far too much these days; there's probably only been three musical geniuses, Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, and even THEY weren't called geniuses in their own lifetime. But Bowie was at least something ELSE, if not genius by that definition. While the pop and rock singers of his day found a formula and stuck with it, and some are still milking it forty years later, Bowie constantly re-invented himself, and his music, and that take real courage in that fickle industry. There's plenty of great performers around these days, and plenty of great song-writers too, but Bowie was both, with his own unique flair to boot. Will we see his like again? In this age of homogenised music and the marketing thereof, I doubt it...
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