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R.I.P. Cat

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dale, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. The rumour mill is correct for those that have heard it, and to those that haven't, I am sorry to bring this to you.

    Jeanette had gone out yesterday evening with her brother and sisters, and were on their way home.

    According to preliminary talks with the Coroner, it appears at this stage as though a 75 year old man was sufferring a heart attack or a stroke, got disorientated and performed a U-turn from the onramp of the freeway, so that he was headed in the wrong direction.

    Straight into the path of the car Jeanette was driving.

    She died at the scene not long after her father and I got there.

    I am never going to forget the image of her trapped in the drivers seat of what once resembled a car.

    Her sisters are ok and will heal (cuts and bruising to one, broken bones for the other). Their brother was not far behind in his own vehicle and came across the scene.

    Now I have the heartbreaking task of telling our 7 year old son that mum is not coming home.

    Jeanette's body is still to be released as investigations into the crash are still underway. As soon as funeral times and dates are known, we will let everyone know. It will be in Launceston. That much is known.

    Thankyou to all that have contacted me and/or passed on their well wishes. It is greatly appreciated.

    There is a lady sweet and kind
    Was never face so pleased my mind.
    I did but see her passing by,
    And yet I love her I'lll I die.
  2. So sorry to hear, Dale.

  3. So sorry to hear this unfortunate news Dale.
    Our thoughts are with you :(
  4. My best friend has been taken from me, i still havent gotten over losing Boky, and now ive lost you my closest friend. This is just not fair, you had so much more living and loving to do. I am still in shock,disbelief and cant find the right words to say.
    My heart goes out to Dale, William,and Biddy, and to everyone that knew and loved cat. You will be dearly missed, and nothing will be the same without you.
  5. I am so very sorry

  6. My condolences, Dale. What an absolute tragedy.
  7. Very sorry to heal this. My condolences and thoughts go out to you and your family + friends...
  8. everyones thoughts are with you. pull through for yourself and your son.
  9. A terrific friend, Jeanette's laughter was infectious. From the times she dropped-in for a bite to eat between work and her scouts, to the perfect hosting of bbq's with friends, and to the piss-up's at Phillip Island.

    Sarah and I send our love to you Dale and Wills, as well as to both Jeanette and Dale's families. A terrible loss of a fabulous woman who has been cheated of a long and prosperous life.

    Jeanette, you and your memories will never be forgotten.
  10. Dale..........

    So, so sorry to hear it. Tragic, tragic news, condolences to you and all the family & friends.

    If there is anything that I/we can do, just bloody ask.

    Be strong bud.......Will's needs you to be :(
  11. Best wishes to you and your son in this very diffcult time. Condolences and thoughts for family and friends.
  12. My condolences Dale.
    It's such a tragedy when someone, particularly a mother, is taken before their time.
    It's even more tragic when someone elses negligence and stupidity is to blame.
    I can only imagine the anger and sorrow you feel.
  13. Dale, so sorry to hear the tragic news. My condolences and thoughts go out to you, your son and all of your family and friends. :cry:
  14. There are times when words alone seem woefully inadequate.

    My deepest sympathies, Dale.
  15. For whatever they're worth at a time like this, I give my heartfelt condolences.
  16. Dale and Will

    Deep condolences for your loss....

    Nev & Jo.

    :( :( :( :(
  17. Words cannot express my thoughts for you at this time.
    Be strong for you family
    Brian and Eleanor
  18. That is such terrible terrible news. My heartfelt condolences to you and your family Dale. There is no words to express the sorrow of a loved one lost.
  19. Dale lm really sorry that this has happened and if you need anything at all please dont hesitate to yell out.

    We are all here for you at any time.
  20. Cat was on the first group ride I ever did, I remember having lunch with her at the Marysville Bakery after just successfully navigating the Reefton Spur and hearing all of her plans for her upcoming wedding to Dale. We have been friends ever since.

    Cat - you were the most accepting, kind hearted, loving, dynamic woman. I can't express how much I will miss you and how devestated I am that you will never get to se me with a big belly or hold my baby when it is born. RIP my beautiful friend.