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R.I.P Cash

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Removed_User6, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. Photo's click on links below:

    Cash and Tex
    Cash riding with Tex
  2. i remember seeing the little clip in the herald sun about these two, making the trip down for the GP last year, and thinking "how cool"...

    very tragic... poor little furry...

    maybe my old man can take him for a spin or two on the great roads in the sky...

    RIP Cash
  3. Man that is so sad, i cant stand accidents involving animals, see a human with limbs missing; ah well, animal injured and it gets ya right in the gut.

    Cant imagine what he is feeling right now :cry:
  4. damn that is soo sad. that dog looks so awesome with the dog goggles and the bandana. and i know what it feels like to lose a best mate. RIP Cash and i hope Tex is coping as best he can. Cash looks like he was a truly special mutt :(
  5. poor little pooch :( how was he harnessed to the bike/tex?
  6. 1/4 of a million K's
    bloody special dog and a special man too.

    lets hope one of his friends , turns up at tex's with a cattle dog pup and leaves it on the front door step.
  7. aw man that really is a shame. what a great dog who loved to ride as much as his master.

    At least he went doing what he loved.

  8. Now this really sucks.... A charity based cause has lost a member and a friend...... Go on Cash, go chase those cats in the sky and make sure you pee down on the cager that caught you....
  9. Ride on little man :cry:

    Mark and Buckley.
  10. Gee that's sad. There was a great article & photo spread on the 2 of them in TW a few months ago.

    A great bloke and a really good dog. Boy he looked happy on that bike.

    I agree, wouldn't it be nice to see Tex with a new pup - "Cash Mk 2"?
  11. That's so sad. It was so cool seeing him wear the googles and bandanna. And doing all the things he loved right down to the end. RIP Cash
  12. So sad. May his spirit find its place at Rainbow Bridge.
  13. That's heart breaking :( .

    Condolences from me and Mako. Rest easy Cash.