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TAS R-DATE in SA to ?? in TAS

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Amaranthus, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. I've searched around, both in this forum, Whirlpool, and the official webpages, and I can't seem to get a definite answer on this.

    I currently live in South Australia, am >25 years old, and have a full C car license with a RD (R-DATE) motorcycle class. That is, full motorcycle license but with LAMS condition.

    I will soon move to Tasmania. I see that this state does not have the RD class; instead they seem to have P1/P2 (even for fully licensed car drivers who've not previously ever held a full motorcycle license). See:

    Now, about 2 months after I move to Tassie, my LAMS condition period will end (and I have a buffer of 3 months after moving before I need to redo my license/rego). So what will Tas authorities issue me with?

    I know that if I was still in SA, there would be no problem, I would just go an update my license to a full R at the end of the LAMS. (But it doesn't happen automatically -- I need to go into a Service SA Centre, pay a fee, and get the RD condition changed).

    However, I'm not sure what will happen in Tas. As far as I can understand it, it will be one of two possibilities:

    1. When I get issued with a Tasmania license after my R-DATE period, they will take off the LAMS condition and just issue me with a full R license. Sweet.

    2. They will issue me with a motorcycle P2 license – which is no LAMS condition, but will restricted to zero BAC and tougher demerit points limits for 1 year. Not so sweet.

    Anyone know which of the above (or other alternative) it will be?
  2. Why not hold onto your SA license until R date expires. Then pay for the full endorsement in SA (do you have relatives to help) then convert to Tassy license. Do they have LAMS in Tassy? I know they have two heads
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  3. Yeah, I was thinking of that, but I'm pretty sure that I have to show up to the Service SA Centre in person to get the restriction removed. (But not 100% on this -- anyone know if it can be done by phone?).

    The timing is a real pain. They do have LAMS in Tassie, applied to the P1 class.
  4. I would hold out until your r-date runs out. Bigger going on P1 with a lower point restriction
  5. slightly ot....where in Tassie are you moving to???? My husband & I have returned to SA after living in NW Tassie for 8 1/2 years..........
  6. Just to Hobart -- but I plan go do a full bike tour of the Apple Isle over the coming few years!
  7. it takes about a day and a half....

    if i were you id say fcuk tassie... stick with your SA license till the restrictions change and then if you can't do it over the phone, wait till you go back to SA to visit family or whatever.
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  8. Well, a day and a half for the island loop - but I plan to do all the back roads too, and not all in one go, by any stretch :)

    I may well find a way to wait it out and get back to SA - I just wish I knew the actual answer to my original question, as it all may not be necessary.
  9. The answers are only a phone call away
  10. There you go, overestimating the consistency and underestimating the stupidity of service tas...