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R-Date falls on a (sunny) Sunday

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Glekichi, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. How frustrating.

    My R-Date is up today but service SA is not open for me to pay the cash to be allowed to ride the CBR600 sitting in the garage.....

    And its perfect riding weather outside!


  2. Ride it anyway and tell the plod that the only reason why you haven't paid for your license is cause the RTA isn't open? :angel:
    I didn't realize you had to pay to have the restriction on your license removed in SA. That sucks in situations like this!
  3. one more day won't hurt. Mine was up on a Sunday too.

    in SA you're still subject to LAMS restrictions even when the R Date has expired until you pays your moneys to get the date part removed from your license.

    doesn't matter what that date is... it could expire yesterday or two years ago. you're not on full license until there's no date on there so if you get pinged you're in trouble.
  4. Is that the same in NSW? i.e. you have to go to the RTA and have the P condition removed?
  5. no idea mate. But the buggers here in SA don't give you anything for free. change anything on your license and you have to pay.

    In SA, the date is only a reminder so you know when you can get your full license.

    I would guess (only guessing) that it's the same in NSW but having the same rules in each state is just crazy talk :)
  6. Yes. If you don't update the license it will expire. That means you would have to go back through the whole process again (and yes that means back to Ls).
  7. online payment?
  8. here in vic you just get a letter about 4 weeks before your restrictions are up advising that you'll have to start wearing green p plates.
  9. What? I'm not putting on any plates... 3 months of having a plate to the back of my vehicle is enough for a lifetime :p
  10. not in SA for those things. You need to go into a service centre and fill out a form and sign it. The payment aspect is secondary to the process.