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R Class License in QLD

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by geckom, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. hey guys,
    I have now finally had my RE license for 1 year (as of yesterday). I am extremely keen to get off my 250cc Honda CBF and onto a real bike with abit of power.

    Firstly, I just wondered if I have to do qride for this or is there an easier way? Also if I do require qride, is one day likely to be enough?

    Secondly, any advice on riding bigger bikes? I am thinking of going for a cruiser next, possibly a VN900 custom.

  2. I had my RE for a year then did a Q-Ride day for the R. It only took one day to get the R - (I went through Morgan and Wacker at Mitchelton), although it took a lot longer to get my RE. About the upgrade, I went straight from a 250 to an 1100. Just take it easy for the first few rides out, but you should be fine.
  3. Vn900 is a great cruiser bike... comfort plus aftermarket accessories are everywhere
  4. I did the one-day course at M&W Mitchelton as well, after riding a 125cc scooter for 18 months. I had no problems at all, so you should be fine.
  5. I also cant seem to decide between a Speedmaster and a Vulcan. Havent test rided both, but any advice on them would be great.
  6. I did QRide as well. Just go for the day, get paperwork at the end and go to the Department of Transport.

    I believe you can also ride R class bikes while displaying an L plate and with another rider who has had their R class for over a year. But then you have to pass a practical test with the DoT. I almost certainly don't know all the details about this, and am also probably wrong in some aspect, but it may be worth you looking into if that's more of your thing.
  7. I thought QRide was the easy way...
  8. I felt the same way I am sure my bike licence through Q Ride was way easier then doing my car licence through queenland transport.
    As for advice to the OP, ride anything and everything you can, make sure you try anything you are interested in before you buy.
    Me I went from a CB400 on my RE to a VZ800 on my R, so also from a sports naked to a cruiser. Very happy with the decision much more comfortable Just had to learn no matter how hard I try the cruiser will not corner like a sports bike lol. So if you are happy to sacrafice that for comfort go for it. :)
  9. Queensland Transport is the "easy" way.. it takes 30 minutes if you are a competent rider.. Much cheaper too :p