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Quotes for painting rims

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by brettar01, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Hi guys

    I'm looking at quotes to paint the rims on my xb12 from a gold/amber colour
    to gloss black. Best quote so far is 160 per rim, just wondering what other prices people have come across, or if you can recommend any businesses that deserve my custom. I'm in Melbourne, and also looking at getting my headers ceramic coated black, but can't find anywhere that will do it

  2. $160 sounds about right, I think that's what I paid for mine.

    Can't help with other stuff.
  3. The best quote I heard was

    "hey mate, wanna paint me rims?" - anon.

    Yeah I'm bored.
  4. and how much did you quote him.

    you could've gotten up to 160 per rim you know
  5. yeah thats not too bad,
    look into powder coating and take everthing off ur self should work out half that.
  6. Would be close to that for sure ;)

    just had 2 CBR600 rims done, satin black. tyres off-naturally- valve stems off, (good opportunity to fit the elbow ones) and bearings removed. I was replacing them anyway. Never a bad idea. They blasted them, and masked the centre/disk mounts for $40 a wheel. New bearings about $30 per wheel. Not sure they'd survive the heat required, but you could ask I suppose. Not worth the uncertainty IMO.

    Pros: is more robust than paint and will survive lots of tyre changes in my experience. Great finish, easily maintained.

    Cons: paint is easier to touch up. Everything needs to be stripped.

  7. I was quoted about $60 a wheel to powder coat by a mob in Williamstown, (I will take them up on that offer one day), as for the coatings, there is HPC coatings or Jet Hot, google should turn them both up for you, but it's hideously expensive.

    Me, until I win the lotto, I'll stick with Hi temp engine paint, (in Matt black of course) for $20 a can. You can touch it up easily too, which I don't think you can do with ceramic.

    BTW, if you do go with ceramic coating, make sure you get the inside & outside done, otherwise the metal in your header pipes won't last long.
  8. thats pretty expensive, I just got two of my Suzuki RGV250 rims powerdercoated pearl white for $55. I got them done a Elite Powerdercoating, they're based on the Central Coast in Lisarow. Really happy with their service and can recommend it to anybody.
  9. 55? that is cheap.

    And thanks for the info MV, just shot off an email, although im hoping you were exaggerrating the price....

    Otherwise im contemplating either polishing myself (just dont want to have to re-do it every 2 months) or some black header wrap
  10. I got an entire exhaust system for my off road buggy coated ceramic coated a few years ago at Jet Hot in Castlemaine. Can't remember the exact price, but I didn't think it was bad at the time. They did a great job, and the exhaust system looked fantastic. Not only did it look great, but it made a massive difference to the amount of heat seeping out of the pipes. When done, you could literally hold your hand a matter of 1mm away and not feel very much heat at all, compared to how it was previously with exhaust wrap where we had a lot of heat soak problems. As the pipe ran under the sump, we also saw a good drop in oil temp. Highly recommended...
  11. Good to hear Trekka, my bike lets off alot of heat so i think thats another good reason to get it done. Did keeping the heat in there alter the engine note at all? And what are the temperatures like as the air leaves the exhaust?

    Flames coming out would be cool as sh!t
  12. The engine note didn't really change at all, seemed to be the same, though difficult to notice when it is at full noise and you have a helmet on going over jumps, etc. However, it did provide the benefits I mentioned, being helping lower engine oil temp by having less radiant heat as the exhaust ran under the sump, it was heaps easier to clean then it was before (dirt an mud just brushed off, whereas before that would bake on and look crap), it was much easier to work on the car when it was hot as you didn't have the radiant heat affecting other parts of the engine bay area. It is also said that the more temperature you can keep in the exhaust, rather the radiating out of it, the more power that you will have. Of course, this increase is ever so tiny and not noticeable, but it does help.
  13. So with these advantages why no ceramic coating on your bike? Im assuming you havent done it since you only mentioned the buggy
  14. No, I haven't done it on my bike. Only reason for that is I have never had the fairing off my bike, and never done any work on it to have the time to take the exhaust off and have it done. If things go to plan I will be selling my current bike within 12 months, so it wouldn't be worth it, however if things change and I end up keeping it I will most likely get it done at some stage.
  15. I'm looking in to getting the rims on my bike painted. Longevity wise any differences between powder vs ceramic coating? Which is the preferred method for a bike that gets ridden regularly?
    Which mob was that MV? Any other mobs in Melbourne you'd be able to recommend to get a pair of bike rims painted?
    I'm going the hi temp exhaust/manifold paint route for my black exhaust.

    Been doing some research and calling around and am getting prices for powder coating of $50-200 per rim (inclusive of sandblasting). The difference in prices is reminding me of when I was calling around for my 1st service.